RIP My Beautiful Mr Bentley, my first best little friend, my everything.

06/03/2011 – 19/12/2023
Taken from the summer with his tortoise friend Ziggy who is my daughter Beth’s.

We rescued you, Bentley, at 18 months old from PDWRA but really you rescued me. You gave me a new lease of life. You gave me so much love, joy and funny times.

You guided my rotties and kept them in check. They were scared of you at first but they are sad looking for you and it’s heartbreaking to watch. My home is quiet and lonely without you and you’ve left a big hole in our hearts.

Our family grew, where Bentley had another brother, Otto, the son of my other two rotties. They all loved him and miss him so much.

You loved to get out and about in your little car that we bought you last year, so you wouldn’t be left at home missing out on any fun.

There is no real goodbye as I will see you again. You are only gone when you are forgotten and you will never be forgotten.
You were beautiful from start to end and I love and miss you so much, it hurts.

Thank you for everything Bentley. Love is forever.

Thank you PDWRA for bringing him into my life, they were the best years ever!

Always tell your animals how much you love and appreciate them. They are precious and only here a short while. Remember, we are their everything!  



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