Friends of Welfare

Would you like to help us by becoming a Friend of Welfare?

Carolyn says: ย  ย  ย ย 
“I have just become a Friend of Welfare. Thank you so much for all the information and my goodie bag which arrived today. I love the badge, pen and sticker and I am pleased to be part of the fundraising with my membership and small donations from stamp collecting, recycling ink cartridges and Amazon Smile. ย Every little helps pugs in need. Thank you for everything you do”.

In response to popular request, PDWRA has formed a section known as the Friends of Welfare.

New members will receive a car sticker, lapel badge, PDWRA pen and a copy of our latest Newsletter when first joining.ย  There will be two Newsletters annually, together with invitations to all the PDWRA social events and activities.

Members can also choose to assist PDWRA in its work, but this is optional. If you feel able to assist, then please tick the appropriate box/boxes on the application form.

Please be aware that this is not an application form for a rescued pug, and it should be noted that being a member of the Friends of Welfare does not confer any advantage or priority.

The annual subscription to the Friends of Welfare is ยฃ15 minimum. ย 

The aims of PDWRA are as follows:

  1. Generally to further the welfare of pugs.
  2. To render assistance to the breed by re-settling pugs in personally approved homes, due to the death or serious illness of the owner, or in any unfortunate circumstances in which a pug may find itself.
  3. Dogs may be purchased for a nominal sum, but only in rare and very exceptional situations.
  4. On appropriate veterinary advice, painlessly to destroy, castrate or spay pug dogs.
  5. To give financial help with boarding and to pay necessary veterinary fees in cases of genuine hardship.
  6. To raise money by means of garden parties, sales, raffles, coffee mornings etc, and to receive donations for the furtherance of the work.
  7. To co-operate wherever possible with other charities having similar aims.
  8. PDWRA is a registered charity to protect our legal status and to preserve continuity so that the funds may be used specifically for pug welfare.

So if you share our aims, why not become a Friend of Welfare? ย It would help us if you could Gift Aid your subscription, and any other donation you may make. ย Just remember to complete the Gift Aid Declaration – page 2 of the form – as well.

If you are already a Friend and have moved away or changed your circumstances, please contact us atย to update your details.

Download the Friends of Welfare application form here [PDF].

TIP: Right-click over the link and choose ‘Save Link As’ or ‘Save Target As’ to download the form directly to your computer. Clicking on the link may open it in your browser and can cause the form to print out slightly smaller.

Once you have downloaded the form, please print it out and return it to the address stated.

The form is in Adobe ‘PDF’ format which requires Adobe Reader. In the unlikely event this is not already installed on your computer, you can download it free by clicking the button below:

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