PDWRA – Our Aims

The aims of PDWRA are as follows:

  1. Generally to further the welfare of pugs.
  2. To render assistance to the breed by re-settling pugs in personally approved homes, due to the death or serious illness of the owner, or in any unfortunate circumstances in which a pug may find itself.
  3. Dogs may be purchased for a nominal sum, but only in rare and very exceptional situations.
  4. On appropriate veterinary advice, painlessly to destroy, castrate or spay pug dogs.
  5. To give financial help with boarding and to pay necessary veterinary fees in cases of genuine hardship.
  6. To raise money by means of garden parties, sales, raffles, coffee mornings etc, and to receive donations for the furtherance of the work.
  7. To co-operate wherever possible with other charities having similar aims.
  8. PDWRA is a registered charity to protect our legal status and to preserve continuity so that the funds may be used specifically for pug welfare.