This year marks the 40th anniversary of Volunteers’ Week, where the first week of June, each year, is a period for celebrating the invaluable contribution volunteers make to their causes, and society, every single day!

The PDWRA could not do what they do for Pugs in Need, without OUR DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS.

Enormous THANKS goes out to each and every one!

Our Volunteer contributors include:

Regional Volunteer Area Coordinators, who manage the whole rehoming process for each surrendered pug, from counselling those giving them up to ensuring they are thriving wherever they’re placed.

In-house Vets, providing expert, experienced supervision of the healthcare needs for pugs in our care.

Fosterers, who provide immediate, caring homes for each surrendered pug during their transition or rehabilitation.


Approved & trained Home-checkers who visit & assess all potential homes for our precious pugs.

Approved Transporters country-wide, provide the generous & trusted network for our pugs to reach their new homes, safely.


All year round, PDWRA’s Facebook Mega-Auction group raises thousands of ££s to help with pug vet bills. Managed by a trio of dedicated volunteers, presenting an amazing array of unique, donated, auction lots or special raffles prizes, to be won. All safely wrapped & dispatched to you!

Across the country, Local Fundraisers, through crafts & hobbies or small businesses or events, raise awareness of our charity & provide essential donations for PDWRA.


PDWRA’s small Comms team manages its website & social media daily, emailing regular newsletters to engage with supporters, ensuring they are kept informed about the charity’s work, requirements & achievements. All of our appeals for pug homes have reached new applicants so that all of those pugs have found their forever homes.


Every single person that kindly & generously volunteers their time, at Events or behind the scenes, whether it’s administering microchips or paying vet bills, is invaluable in helping our cause: PUGS, that need our help for safe, stable & healthy futures.

Without ALL of YOU we could not do what we do!

If you would like to volunteer, please look at these webpages:


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