Beautiful Harlee was surrendered by an elderly owner who was unable to invest in what was required to train her. She did the right thing finding PDWRA to help and a home was found that was able and happy to spend the time that was needed.

There were challenges at first, Harlee’s new adoptive Mum found her very ‘barky’ at the beginning, which was stressful when she was constantly ‘shouting’ at her husband especially!😩 but by trying distraction techniques and knowing she was very food driven, wanting to please, she soon stopped and LOVES him now!!😉

Harlee’s Mum says, “She will still bark at strangers on walks occasionally, especially men. She also goes mad when the doorbell rings – a complete guard dog! 😂 or a typical pug?! She wasn’t housetrained at first, so was constantly toileting in the house, knowing no better, but with perseverance she’s now fully housetrained. She’s very bright so it was easy once she got the hang of it, with lots of praise & treats!!

Harlee’s totally gorgeous as you can see, and so loved as you can tell by her human siblings. She loves children and is sooooo good with them! I had three dogs growing up when I was young but never met one like her. She is a real member of our family🥰🥰 We love her very much and feel so blessed to have her.

So much thanks to our Area Co-ordinator from PDWRA especially, as she did so much to pair us up so perfectly. 🥰

Thank you PDWRA for all that you do” ❤️


Luther – Fly High!

Luther came to us on the 18.9.2020 and boy how he changed our lives. He converted my best friend, Diane to love a dog, and grandchildren to trust and love a dog.
He did not have a good start to life but through PDWRA and his foster carer Natalie, he grew big and strong and was an absolute joy.
We could not go anywhere without being stopped by people to fuss him and Luther being Luther always obliged with a wag of his tail.

Sadly, we lost young Luther on the 10.12.2020 which was such a shock. He was there one day and gone the next!
Luther was such an amazing little pug and so many of our PDWRA family followed his progress. It may have been a short life but boy did he have a good one.

Thank you PDWRA for all that you do, pugs are truly amazing – Vicki.

Fly High! 💙🐾
16.04.2019 – 10.12.2020

Hugo – 1 year on…

Here’s a PDWRA adopter celebrating rescuing Hugo, 1 year on!

“We collected lovely Hugo, our first foster pug, a year ago, believing it was only for the Christmas period. We were looking for a golden oldie and had been waiting for a funny little old pug. We knew, though from the moment Hugo walked into our house he’d be impossible to let go – and we couldn’t have wished for any better than this gorgeous chap!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing – the first few weeks were an eye opener as he peed on surfaces I never even knew I had plus he struggled with separation anxiety- but we knew we wanted to be his forever home.

He was a very sprightly 7 year-old and went from living alone, to living with dogs and cats and a teenager. He’s such a resilient little soul and so sweet and kind to others – unless they walk past the gate or are on the TV – then it’s a different story!😂 Hugo takes everything in his stride and simply loves everyone in our home, including his toy penguin which we gave him on his first day and takes everywhere with him, making him even more lovable.

Hugo always knows how to start a game or hunt for toys or bark at pigeons and we wouldn’t have him any other way. We really hope we are giving him the best life as he’s given so much joy to ours. He’s surpassed all our expectations in having a pug, we’re just so happy to have him in our lives- he’s simply adorable and we feel very lucky to have him.” 💞🐾

Bella – A Christmas Rescue in the Snow!

When many of us were under near-lockdown restrictions, PDWRA received a sad phone call on Boxing Day to rehome a little pug called Bella. There were family circumstances which meant she had to be collected the following morning. Her owner was very sad on that call but knew it was the only choice she had at the time, and her beloved Bella wouldn’t be placed just anywhere that was available, but the best home for her. Our Area Coordinator could confidently reassure her of that and was also going to make the 4 hour round trip herself, to collect Bella.

Unfortunately, she had to battle through the snow to collect her before her owner had to leave for an onward train journey. She made it in time, and Bella made her first ever car journey! She did really well.
Bella has since settled in fabulously. She’s full of beans, cute as a button and enjoying her new adventure in a kind and caring home. Her owner would be very comforted to know this.

PDWRA is available 24/7 to call regarding pugs in need, thanks to our dedicated volunteers across the country.


Happy New Year & Thank You!

We would like to wish a Happy New Year to All our Supporters and Volunteers!

We also have a very special “Thank You” from Tommy, who was surrendered before Christmas and we appealed for donations to help with the physio & hydrotherapy needs to help him with his rear mobility issue. Unfortunately this stems from abnormal spine development following irresponsible breeding. However, he has been given the best chance in life, thanks to the love and donations he has received for this. He has had a wonderful Christmas in his devoted foster home, as you can see!

Thank You for supporting our rescues like Tommy and “Here’s to a Better 2021 for everyone!”

If you would like to donate to Tommy’s Appeal please use the Reference TOMMY via PayPal or Bank Transfer:

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