Meet our calendar girls!

Here are Dotty and Poppy, featured in our 2021 Calendar that went on sale this weekend at Paws in the Park!

They picked up their copy personally, and had fun on the PDWRA mini-agility course where Mum was extremely proud of their efforts.

Beautiful Poppy has come a long way since she was adopted a year ago. She had some health complications and wouldn’t socialise with others, but now she loves nothing more than being with her sister and friends!  However, with all the training in the world, she has yet to master the art of not barking and howling at every single bird… or shadow that vaguely resembles one!

To order your copy of the calendar, featuring more gorgeous pugs every month, or to buy as gifts, please order from our online shop:

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Susie’s story

Susie came from a home where she was much loved.  However, due to serious illness, her owners were unable to give her the care and attention she needed. She was suffering from bad ears, eyes and skin, poor hearing and sight, so understandably was quite sad initially, but with excellent veterinary care, all paid for by PDWRA, at the age of 9 years, she became quite puppy-like and started to play.

Her foster carer saw the sweet character that she was, emerging.  Incredibly, we found the perfect home for her, with people who already had an elderly dog, with many similar health issues, and were desperate to find another. So, Susie has moved into her wonderfully perfect, forever home, and already fits into it like a well-worn glove.

She’s really living her best life where resident pug Chloe (the one sleeping) has accepted her with open paws!

Susie’s new Mum is delighted to be able to give golden oldies the opportunity to live out their final years in a home where they are loved and cherished and maybe a little spoilt!

Wilson, the Mini Paws Agility champion!

This is superstar Wilson, who spent his whole weekend at the Paws In The Park event in Kent.  He won the Mini Paws Agility with a clear round, performing on both days!

Congratulations to Wilson and his mum Emma for ensuring he had the best time, while also supporting PDWRA.

Wilson also managed to come 2nd on the Kent Search and Rescue activity.

Wilson was adopted over a year ago, and he is definitely living life to its fullest!

Paws in the Park 19 & 20 September

Great fun was had by all at this event.

A fabulous 2 day total of £1,089.68 was raised by the Mega Auction team and their helpers.

Lots and lots of donated items were sold at this event.

Huge thanks to everyone for your support.

See separate post re Wilson, the mini agility champion!

Adoption applications remain suspended


The hold placed on new adoption applications, following the unprecedented volume received during lockdown, has been reviewed by our Trustees, and will remain in place a little longer.

We are managing our current adoption waiting list as a priority, still working under current, related restrictions.

We therefore remain temporarily closed to new adoption applications, but NOT to Foster applications:
Volunteer applications:

We thank all potential adopters for bearing with us during this unpredictable time, and will keep you updated.

Billy’s story

This is young Billy (on the right), en route to his adoptive home. Billy’s rehoming requirements were quite simple; space to run, and ideally other male canine companions to play with.

He actually now has thirty-five acres to run in! He has two pug friends, and a speedy Lurcher to keep up with!

We know young Billy’s going to have so much fun in his new home, thanks to all who helped him to get there. We are delighted to have played our part and wish him a wonderful life ahead!

2020 Fundraising – August total

Just look at this month’s total – £10,532.87

Another fantastic month of fundraising!

Thank you all so much for your constant support.

All the money raised goes towards our ever increasing Vet bills.

Our Secretary is moving on …

As from 1 September, Secretary and PDWRA Trustee, Lynne Kellow, is moving to pastures new with her husband Steve.

The Trustees would like to thank Lynne and Steve for the many hours of work they have put into PDWRA over the last 4 years.  We wish them, and their pugs, all the best in their new life abroad.

Please see our Contact Us page for amended contact details.

Happy International Dog Day!

As if we need an excuse to celebrate our furry friends!

Here are just a few of the delightful souls who have found new, adoring, forever homes through PDWRA!

Penny and Poppy

Penny and Poppy’s story – written by their adopter

I’d just like to say how lovely and rewarding it has been watching the girls settle in and getting them into a good routine, even teaching them the simplest things, such as waiting nicely for dinner and how to catch treats (most important).  They’re really good girls who want nothing more than a full belly and a comfy bed.  They all have a love hate relationship, but who doesn’t with their family?

It’s lovely to see them all snuggle down after a hard day doing nothing and watching them play together.  When they first came into foster it was said that they weren’t interested in playing.

Of course we have had challenges to face but we wouldn’t be without them and their hilarious ways (like Penny can’t stand still for more than 10 seconds without falling asleep, and Poppy who tries to eat every cigarette end she passes whilst out walking).  The best thing is having 3 waggy curly tails following me everywhere and 3 happy faces staring back at me instead of 1.  I’d love to say a big thanks to my first baby Luna for sharing everything she has had to herself for the last 5 years and not moaning once … well maybe a little bit!

🖨️ How to recycle your used inkjet printer cartridges 🖨️

Thank you again recyclers!  We have received £85.25 for the last quarter, from your used printer cartridges sent to Recycle4Charity.

This is so appreciated, providing regular, much needed funds for pugs, in this way. Please also encourage family or friends to participate, it really is worth it!

Don’t forget that you can also save & recycle used postage stamps for PDWRA; we currently receive £10 per kilo!

Here is the link:

Little Jenny – new update!

Little Jenny – snug and safe in her adoptive home.

But wind the clock back six months, and dear little Pug x Pekingese Jenny’s life was as far from her ideal as she could imagine.

PDWRA were alerted to Jenny’s plight by a kind and concerned neighbour.  A neighbour who found Jenny living outside in a pen by the rubbish bins.  No roof, filth, little food and water – a tiny wooden rabbit shelter that offered little refuge from the weather.  An owner who could not be persuaded to make the right choice.  This was Jenny’s life all day – every day, and every night.

Every day the kind neighbour would give Jenny food, water and affection – telling her the same positive words “Never give up – life will get better.”

Fast forward six months and PDWRA receive a call from a lady who has purchased a pug cross from a local selling site.  Concerned about Jenny’s health, she turned to us for help.

We are happy to report that little Jenny has been adopted, and is now in remarkably good health. Her character – testament to the little dog that knew she deserved better.

And here is Little Jenny, happy and healthy after months of loving care in her safe and warm forever home.  She’s at the heart of a wonderful grumble, too.


And this is Jenny and her gorgeous grumble, being so good for Mum’s camera that we just had to share this update!

Jenny is a stunning pug/pekinese mix who, unbelievably, started her life living in a back garden, outdoors, on her own!  We shan’t dwell on that as we think you’ll agree she’s in pug heaven now, all thanks to concerned neighbours, PDWRA, and her wonderful forever family.

Betty’s Story – Part 2

Still overweight, Betty, originally surrendered to us by an elderly couple who purchased her on ‘Gumtree’, was losing weight gradually and safely while in foster care. She has since been adopted by a loving family committed to continuing her healthy regime. They also had a rescue labrador called Blake.  He too was overweight when they adopted him. Our Betty seems to have given Blake a new lease of life too!

Their adoptive Mum updates us on how they’re getting on:

“Betty’s now going to bed when Blake does and stays downstairs to be with him, even though all the doors are open and she’s free to come upstairs. To be fair though, Betty is always first to come up and give us our wake-up call in the morning.

She’s turning into a proper little snuggle bunny now! Blake, who had all our attention before, doesn’t care if she’s getting fussed over and he isn’t, or that Betty’s on our laps. He’s even started to pick up and play with some of her toys, which isn’t bad for a grumpy old bloke of a dog, who had just turned 14!

He spends a lot of time looking completely bemused by Betty – Labradors have the ability to raise one eyebrow in a “What the actual heck was that?…” kind of way. But he lets her in his bed, also waits patiently at her side when she eats, in the hope that there may be some extra scraps left in her bowl…. So far, he’s been very disappointed on that score, but he waits just the same.

Betty has successfully shed nearly all of those 3kgs, and is thrilled with her new found energy, enabling her and Blake to have a wonderful, healthy life together.”