Beautiful Harlee was surrendered by an elderly owner who was unable to invest in what was required to train her. She did the right thing finding PDWRA to help and a home was found that was able and happy to spend the time that was needed.

There were challenges at first, Harlee’s new adoptive Mum found her very ‘barky’ at the beginning, which was stressful when she was constantly ‘shouting’ at her husband especially!😩 but by trying distraction techniques and knowing she was very food driven, wanting to please, she soon stopped and LOVES him now!!😉

Harlee’s Mum says, “She will still bark at strangers on walks occasionally, especially men. She also goes mad when the doorbell rings – a complete guard dog! 😂 or a typical pug?! She wasn’t housetrained at first, so was constantly toileting in the house, knowing no better, but with perseverance she’s now fully housetrained. She’s very bright so it was easy once she got the hang of it, with lots of praise & treats!!

Harlee’s totally gorgeous as you can see, and so loved as you can tell by her human siblings. She loves children and is sooooo good with them! I had three dogs growing up when I was young but never met one like her. She is a real member of our family🥰🥰 We love her very much and feel so blessed to have her.

So much thanks to our Area Co-ordinator from PDWRA especially, as she did so much to pair us up so perfectly. 🥰

Thank you PDWRA for all that you do” ❤️


Luther – Fly High!

Luther came to us on the 18.9.2020 and boy how he changed our lives. He converted my best friend, Diane to love a dog, and grandchildren to trust and love a dog.
He did not have a good start to life but through PDWRA and his foster carer Natalie, he grew big and strong and was an absolute joy.
We could not go anywhere without being stopped by people to fuss him and Luther being Luther always obliged with a wag of his tail.

Sadly, we lost young Luther on the 10.12.2020 which was such a shock. He was there one day and gone the next!
Luther was such an amazing little pug and so many of our PDWRA family followed his progress. It may have been a short life but boy did he have a good one.

Thank you PDWRA for all that you do, pugs are truly amazing – Vicki.

Fly High! 💙🐾
16.04.2019 – 10.12.2020

Hugo – 1 year on…

Here’s a PDWRA adopter celebrating rescuing Hugo, 1 year on!

“We collected lovely Hugo, our first foster pug, a year ago, believing it was only for the Christmas period. We were looking for a golden oldie and had been waiting for a funny little old pug. We knew, though from the moment Hugo walked into our house he’d be impossible to let go – and we couldn’t have wished for any better than this gorgeous chap!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing – the first few weeks were an eye opener as he peed on surfaces I never even knew I had plus he struggled with separation anxiety- but we knew we wanted to be his forever home.

He was a very sprightly 7 year-old and went from living alone, to living with dogs and cats and a teenager. He’s such a resilient little soul and so sweet and kind to others – unless they walk past the gate or are on the TV – then it’s a different story!😂 Hugo takes everything in his stride and simply loves everyone in our home, including his toy penguin which we gave him on his first day and takes everywhere with him, making him even more lovable.

Hugo always knows how to start a game or hunt for toys or bark at pigeons and we wouldn’t have him any other way. We really hope we are giving him the best life as he’s given so much joy to ours. He’s surpassed all our expectations in having a pug, we’re just so happy to have him in our lives- he’s simply adorable and we feel very lucky to have him.” 💞🐾

Bella – A Christmas Rescue in the Snow!

When many of us were under near-lockdown restrictions, PDWRA received a sad phone call on Boxing Day to rehome a little pug called Bella. There were family circumstances which meant she had to be collected the following morning. Her owner was very sad on that call but knew it was the only choice she had at the time, and her beloved Bella wouldn’t be placed just anywhere that was available, but the best home for her. Our Area Coordinator could confidently reassure her of that and was also going to make the 4 hour round trip herself, to collect Bella.

Unfortunately, she had to battle through the snow to collect her before her owner had to leave for an onward train journey. She made it in time, and Bella made her first ever car journey! She did really well.
Bella has since settled in fabulously. She’s full of beans, cute as a button and enjoying her new adventure in a kind and caring home. Her owner would be very comforted to know this.

PDWRA is available 24/7 to call regarding pugs in need, thanks to our dedicated volunteers across the country.


Happy New Year & Thank You!

We would like to wish a Happy New Year to All our Supporters and Volunteers!

We also have a very special “Thank You” from Tommy, who was surrendered before Christmas and we appealed for donations to help with the physio & hydrotherapy needs to help him with his rear mobility issue. Unfortunately this stems from abnormal spine development following irresponsible breeding. However, he has been given the best chance in life, thanks to the love and donations he has received for this. He has had a wonderful Christmas in his devoted foster home, as you can see!

Thank You for supporting our rescues like Tommy and “Here’s to a Better 2021 for everyone!”

If you would like to donate to Tommy’s Appeal please use the Reference TOMMY via PayPal or Bank Transfer:

Donating to Pug Dog Welfare



With great sadness we said goodbye to our Fudge Mudge on 28 December 2020.  He was a super boy and we are heartbroken.  Thank you PDWRA for giving us the chance to give him the home and love he deserved.  He gave us so much.  Bless you Fudge.



Please can you add our brave and much loved Ralph to the memorial page.  
He left us in March 2020.


Here is our super boy Frank. He came to us in January 2018 aged 14, and died aged in April 2019 aged 15 yrs 4 months.
He was such a character! x

Harvey – one year on!

You may remember this gentle gent, Harvey who was surrendered to us last Christmas. His elderly owner was unable to care for him and his developing skin problems that needed attention. Your donations to our appeal to help with this, saw him on the mend and into his forever home among this gorgeous grumble.
He’s thrived of course and enjoyed his First Christmas, though slightly overwhelmed by all the excitement.
Thank you for all the pugs in need, like Harvey and to their wonderful forever families.





Alfie’s owner, Valerie, writes:

We had to take the very heartbreaking decision to let Alfie go to sleep on Tuesday this week.  He has been very frail for a while, but had gone very downhill over the last week, not being able to stand and spending most of the day asleep or in a total daze, and was not drinking at all.  He took a very poorly turn on Monday, we got him into the vet on Tuesday and our vet agreed that sadly Alfie had reached the end of his road, as all organs were failing plus his other eye had ulcerated.

So we let him go, he went peacefully and I was allowed to stay with him and stroke his head.  He has been brought home and is with all our other beloved dogs in our garden.

We have loved and adored Mr Grumpy for the last 6 years – sad that we couldn’t quite get him to his 15th birthday in January.  6 years that he may never have got as when we were asked to take him in, if he didn’t come to us he might have to be put to sleep.  He was very misunderstood as he was amazing with all the fosters that came in over the years, and although he could be grumpy and never really knew how to play except aggressively, we absolutely loved him to bits.  Thank you again PDWRA for entrusting him into our care.

Mr Bentley goes on a diet

Mr Bentley was collected by PDWRA some years ago; a very large pug in size, who put on significant weight after he was adopted.  Although his new Mum tried extremely hard with vet support and expensive prescribed food to find the right diet and activity level to suit him, this wasn’t easy, as Mr Bentley occasionally also had fits.

It was upsetting for Mr Bentley’s Mum that people assumed she just fed him too much.  Only by chance and exasperation, by sharing the less specialised canned food Mr Bentley’s Rottweiler brother and sister ate, with a small handful of their dry, wheat and gluten free biscuits, did his weight start to fall off.  He has the occasional treat and pig’s ear to suck on as some teeth are missing now, and even without swimming and the longer walks which used to impact his breathing, he has enough energy to run round the house with the Rotties.

Mr Bentley’s 14.7kg is now 11kg and he’s in good shape for his frame.  He will never be 8kg as smaller pugs can be targeted to be.

Mr Bentley is now nearly 10 years young.  He has more life in him than ever before, and we wish him many more birthdays and cake sampling to come!


Team Yorkshire raise £1,048

CONGRATULATIONS & THANK YOU to PDWRA’s Yorkshire Team, Donators and all our generous supporters who have raised an amazing £1,048 for Pugs in Need.
Their Winter Fundraising Events hosted by Lisa, Amanda and Jodie went online to replace the usual Christmas Parties, with raffles, bingo, photo competitions, offering wonderful prize donations, a designer harness, handmade greeting cards, puggy jumpers, other crafts & so much more.
Well done to everyone for their efforts and contributions over the last 2 months.



Lilah’s owner, Joyce, writes:

I am heartbroken having just lost my beautiful Lilah.  She was a very damaged little girl when I got her, but very slowly over the 3 years I had her she did eventually learn to trust me, and certainly during the last few months of her life I’m sure that I made her feel safe and much loved.

I would like to mention that we both appreciated the input of Pug Rescue; many many thanks.

🖨️ How to recycle your used inkjet printer cartridges 🖨️

Thanks to all our recycling supporters for your used printer cartridges sent to Recycle4Charity for our benefit. This is so worthwhile – we received £85.25 for the last quarter.

Please get them in by the New Year, after which their process is changing, including offering more wanted cartridges to the eligible list.

Old-style envelopes will no longer be processed after 31st December 2020. Please see full details on their new website:


If you’d like to sign up & help to raise much needed funds in this way, please go to:


Thank you!

And please don’t forget that you can also save & recycle used postage stamps for PDWRA; we currently receive £10 per kilo!

Here is the link:


😊Amazon Smile😊

The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association recently received a quarterly donation of £502.74 from AmazonSmile, thanks to customers shopping at smile.amazon.co.uk.

To date, Amazon has donated a total of:

  • £1,837.15 to The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association

Thank you for supporting The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association by shopping at smile.amazon.co.uk.