This is Alfie.

Alfie is thought to be 9 months old. He was surrendered in the South East with demodex and secondary skin infections.

Demodex in young dogs is thought to be passed from mother to pup. It is quite likely that this young lad has been suffering for many months.



Unable to afford vet treatment Alfie was surrendered to PDWRA and is currently in foster care.





Read more about demodex at:


Appeal For Benji

This is Benji.

Benji is a very nervous little dog, and probably always will be.  That said, he is a friendly and loving dog and eager to please, once he gets to know you.  Benji is very wary of strangers and it takes time to build his trust.

We think he was left crated for long hours, which may account for his initial reticence.  Benji is 18 months old, neutered and fully housetrained.  He was surrendered because his family didn’t have the time to spend with him any more.

Benji can be a bit of a loner, but got on really well with his foster carer’s other dogs, and started to learn from them.  We think he needs to be with other dogs and an owner who is committed to continue with his training that his foster carer has started.  We would not consider placing him with a family with young children as he can get a bit mouthy when excited.  He loves his long walks, and is very responsive to your voice.

As his foster carer states: “Benji will never win any bravery awards but he would be a fun addition to anyone wanting an active little pug”.

If you think you can give Benji his forever home and continue with his training, please apply to adopt through our website and state that you have seen Benji’s appeal and are interested in adopting him.

Any further questions about Benji, please email

In Their Happy Places

Two beautiful boys who have found forever homes in the South East region.

Todd, a lovely calm, laid back, cuddly boy now has his forever home being spoilt and pampered.

Charlie has made some new friends and spends his days running around playing chase!

Life could not be better!

🏃 Dundee Half Marathon 🏃

Back in 2012, Neil Flynn ran the Liverpool Marathon, raising over £1500 for PDWRA.

Fast forward a few years and he’s decided to enter the Dundee Half Marathon on 7 July, to raise more funds for PDWRA.

Every little helps – please click on the link below to support Neil if you can.

Thank you so much – and good luck, Neil, next Sunday!

An Appeal for Lucy – update


This is Lucy the Jug, she is looking for her forever home.

Lucy is extremely sweet natured and loves to play with other dogs and children. She is very bouncy as she is still only young.

She is initially wary of men, but she is easily won over with love and treats.

Lucy will need a patient and loving home as she is of a very nervous disposition. Loud noises and raised voices scare her and she will retreat to the safety of her crate. She is known to wet herself with fear and also with excitement.

This very special little girl needs a very special home.

Update 4 July : Lucy has now found her forever home!  Thank you to everyone who applied to adopt her.  

Adopters Needed!

So far this year (end of June) we have had over 200 pugs on our rehoming register.  Surrendered pugs are of all ages; some are surrendered singly, more and more are pairs, and we have even taken in three together (and rehomed them together).

Can you help us help pugs in need of loving forever homes?

Please click on the link below if you would like to complete an online adoption form.

Application to Adopt a Pug

Would you like to help Flo – post updated

Flo recently came into rescue in a very sorry state.

She was initially rescued from a puppy farm by a couple, but sadly her problems were too great for them to cope with.

Flo is only 3 but was used as a breeding bitch on a puppy farm – kept crated for most if not all of the day.

She has numerous infections, some that are quite worrying.

She is due to have surgery to spay her and have further investigations on her bladder and kidneys, whilst under sedation.

If you feel able to help with the vet costs involved, please donate in the usual way – please use the reference “Help Flo”.

You can also make a bank transfer to PDWRA:

Lloyds TSB
Sort Code 30.99.62
Account No. 00144121

*** Update 24 June: Flo has had her spay, and whilst she was under anaesthetic she was x rayed and a very large stone (pictured below) was found. This was immediately removed and Flo is now recovering well and is much more comfortable. Thank you to all who have donated. ***


9 very happy pugs!

May was an incredibly busy month for PDWRA’S South East Team.  We saw many surrenders, but all were assessed, vet checked and moved on to forever homes.

If you would like to adopt, home check or foster, please apply today!  Follow the links below:

To apply to become a home checker for PDWRA, please contact the Secretary at

for further details.

Is your pug overweight?

Weight is a massive part of welfare, and we would be failing in our duty not to address this.

Many of the pugs coming into rescue are very overweight, and consequently suffer from musculoskeletal problems, respiratory problems, diabetes, kidney disease, ligament problems and – above all – a decreased life expectancy.

Some interesting facts …..

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