Perfect Pairs

PDWRA often receives requests to find new homes for pugs that need rehoming together whereas the majority of homes on our books have only considered taking in a single pug.  

Many of the pairs surrendered to PDWRA have only known life together, and are often golden-oldies, bearing in mind that starts at 7 years!

So, they haven’t put a paw wrong, and just need that special and generous forever home to love them.

We will never separate a bonded-pair of pugs either.  

Owning more than one pug can bring so much joy and happiness to a home, though should not be undertaken without careful thought and consideration. Double the joy means double the expense.

Applicants must be able to provide adequate insurance for the pugs and any pre-existing medical conditions will normally be covered by PDWRA during their lifetime.

To offer that Special Home to a pair of pugs, please complete the online adoption application form, ensuring you answer YES when asked if you would adopt a Bonded-Pair.

** We also offer A £100 discount (£50 per pug), when adopting a Bonded-Pair of Pugs! **


Here are some of PDWRA’s
bonded-pairs who have been helped to secure wonderful futures:

Rosie & Pepper are looking for their forever home. | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (

Bonded-pair, Louise & Paul in their Forever Home! | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (

Here are a few other pairs of pugs who have found their forever homes with PDWRA:

Ethel & Leonard, inspired Mum to fundraise for PDWRA through her merchandise business.

Litter sisters, the best thing to ever happen to their PDWRA volunteer parents, followed by 2 other pairs!

“Adopted at the ages of 8 and 9.  They’re like chalk and cheese but bring double the fun, twice the love and definitely have the biggest hold over my heart”

D & L 2

If you feel you are able to offer that Special Home to a pair of pugs, please complete the Adoption application form, and make sure you answer YES when asked if you would adopt a bonded pair.

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