Seasonal Hazards for Pugs

Temptation will be indoors and out, so please be vigilant and know what to avoid, or to prepare for, to enjoy the various times of the year, safely:

Spring is officially here, so there are the usual suspects to be mindful of, on behalf of the health & safety of our pugs: 

Spring is here, at last! | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (

Many different plants commonly found in the home, gardens and outdoor areas can make your dog ill. Some of these are highly poisonous, while others may only cause a mild tummy upset.
Incidents of poisoning from spring bulbs are most likely to occur from dogs eating the bulbs in spring when they begin to flower and autumn when they are planted.

For more information, please see: 

Poisons | Dog health | The Kennel Club

Including a comprehensive list of poisonous plants: 

Poisons in your garden | Dog health | Kennel Club (

On a sunnier note, here are some, from many, that are regarded to be safe for our dogs:

However, if you suspect your dog might have ingested anything that is appearing to make them ill, contact your vet immediately.

If you’re walking your dog or holidaying in new, particularly grassy areas, you may want to be extra vigilant regarding ticks. They can be present ALL YEAR ROUND so are not just a warm-weather hazard.

Ticks, hazardous all year round! | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (

We’re having wet spring months which means there’s an abundance of slugs and snails around. They have the potential to carry, and spread, the dangerous lungworm parasite. 

Plus, if/when temperatures drop, here’s a good guide when considering conditions for your dog’s walks:

When our daily patterns change significantly for our dogs, such as rehoming, or during the Covid pandemic, and at various other times when their schedules & expectations change significantly, here’s some advice on dealing with separation anxiety:

Other pug health articles can be found at:

Pug Health & Wellbeing


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