Our pugs play such special roles in our lives. And on pug parents’ Stef and Tom’s Wedding Day this week, Frank couldn’t help but share the spotlight!


It melts our hearts seeing adopted pugs having their best lives in their very best homes.

Frank has happily been part of their lives for years already, overcoming the dreaded cancer through their love and devotion.

Stef adopted Frank from PDWRA after sadly losing her young pug Baby, at the tender age of 6, following a lifetime of illness and complex conditions. She naturally hoped that adopting an older pug who was fit and healthy would be free of the health troubles he previously faced with Baby. However, less than a year after his adoption she noticed a large lump on the side of his leg and so a similar round constant vet trips and sleepless nights began again.

Frank faced multiple operations to remove the tumour that sadly kept re-appearing, leading to several rounds of chemotherapy that were unsuccessful. So, the tough decision to remove Frank’s Leg was made and recovery was slow for him but Frank has proved that she made the best decision.

He is the true definition of a fighter and not once during his countless rounds of chemo and treatments did he feel sorry for himself. Stef has always felt blessed that she was chosen to take care of Frank after he was rescued from his previous life.

Nothing has prevented them from having a full and adventurous life together and they always will.


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If you would like to adopt, please see: https://pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk/adopting-a-pug/


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