Hello, my name is Jon and I am the current treasurer. I took on the role from Robin Coulter in March 2022.

I have a black pug called Paddy who was born in June 2020 and in true pug fashion, he loves to snort and snuffle around the house as if he runs the place himself, although his favourite activity is going into town on Saturdays as he just loves to meet people and will happily spend his afternoon being stroked and petted by friends and strangers alike.

I sometimes take Paddy to the monthly grumble meet-up in Hundred Acre Wood in SE Hampshire but not if the ground is muddy as it takes a lot of work to clean Paddy, me and the car afterwards!

He’s an adorable little soul and his enthusiasm keeps me going during tough times and good times.

The PDWRA would be nothing without the loyalty of its supporters, fosterers, adopters, volunteers, drivers and others who help us to help these lovely little dogs.

The scale of the treasurer workload sometimes precludes me from thanking everyone involved as much as I would like to, especially those who have donated their time and money so generously but every donation whether large or small is appreciated and is applied to our general fund to meet the ever-increasing costs we face.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss donating, claiming expenses or other financial matters and I’ll do my utmost to help.

Email: treasurer@nullpugwelfare-rescue.org.uk


Donating to Pug Dog Welfare


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