Tribute to Minne & Bugsby by Adrian.

We adopted Minnie and Bugsby as a bonded brother and sister pair of Golden Oldies in 2020. They’d been badly neglected prior to rescue by PDWRA and each had their share of health issues accordingly including having the grand total of three teeth between them!

We’d had dogs all our lives but they were our first Pugs and our introduction to all those wonderfully unique Pug traits that we learned to love and cherish.

Minnie was a sweet gentle soul, totally food orientated with the ability to appear like a silent wraith behind you in the kitchen even though you’d left her sleeping blissfully in the lounge. Despite no teeth she ate anything!

Her brother Bugsby was the antithesis of his sister and the original grumpy old man. He didn’t like cars, vans, bicycles, pedestrians or basically anything that moved so taking him for a walk was an adventure. But they both loved their cuddles and slept on our bed from day one. We loved them both very dearly.

Sadly, we lost them both in 2023 and they left an enormous hole in our family. RIP both and run free. We will never forget you.




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