Ziggy’s family sadly had to say goodbye to him. 💔

His Dad, Nik writes to us to say, “Ziggy had been under close monitoring by our vet for the last couple of years due to his back legs failing him. After becoming doubly incontinent and more recently over the last 3 weeks his front legs starting to weaken, we realized that his quality of life was nowhere near what he deserved so we took the decision to have him pass over to rainbow bridge to be with his wifey Mabel.
We adopted them as a couple from PDWRA and he blessed us with 6 wonderful years. We like to imagine him now frolicking in fields of gold with her forever and all our other dog companions. Thank you to all at the PDWRA who let us adopt them. x ”

We all send our sincere condolences to Ziggy’s family and thank them for giving a bonded-pair a wonderful life together.


If you would like to pay tribute to your sadly lost and beloved PDWRA pug on this dedicated web page,
please email your story, or whatever you would like to say about them, with a photo, to: yasmin.t.pdwra@nullgmail.com

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