Sheldon Pugglewin Passed away 03/06/2023.

Sheldon was the life and mischievous soul who would always make sure his presence was known at every PDWRA party, be it the Halloween parade or the Christmas pug parties.

He would make so many laugh with his antics 😂

Sadly, the day before his 10th birthday he started to develop seizures and we tried medications but sadly to no avail, and he passed away on Saturday 03/06/2023.


I knew his days were coming to an end so I took him to his favourite park, Woodbank Park, where we would meet other people from the pug groups and gave him his last bowl of ice cream whilst we watched the sun together.

I never knew how much Sheldon became my whole life or how much love one little pup could give to so many people just from the smile on his face.

Sweet dreams my little boy.

Sheldon Pugglewin 24/04/2013 – 03/06/2023

By Jen, Sheldon’s Mum.


We send our sincere condolences to Jen and Sheldon’s family.




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