** NEWS UPDATE: 8th JAN’ 2024 – We’re delighted to say that these beautiful girls have been adopted! **
We still welcome anyone interested and able to adopt a bonded-pair of pugs, as we consistently have them arriving into our care: https://pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk/perfect-pairs/

Iris and Ebony are in foster with us waiting for their perfect adoptive home together.

They have quite different characters, but are compatible, well-bonded and equally delightful. They can live with children and other sociable dogs, though are untested with cats.

Iris is a five year old white girl, who:

* Enjoys play with other sociable dogs.
* Enjoys the great outdoors, and would like a garden.
* Is quite humorous, loving, affectionate and outgoing.
* Is an emotional rock to Ebony.

Iris will:
* Eat other dogs faeces, so you’ll have to be quick!
* Bark sporadically at the TV, a common pug trait!

Ebony is a three year old black girl, who:

* Is also suited to live with other sociable dogs, though would prefer male dogs if there are any within the home.
* Needs support in sharing a lap around other dogs.
* Takes time to warm to new people and situations.
* Is affectionate, loving and needy once bonded.
* Enjoys walk, and likes her home comforts.
* Can bark when Iris barks.

If you are interested in offering Iris and Ebony their forever home or have any questions, please email Voluntary Area Coordinator, Jane, directly: janemac001@nullbtinternet.com

If you are not registered to adopt with PDWRA, please submit an application referencing ‘Iris 23204 & Ebony 23205’ at: https://pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk/adopting-a-pug/

If you are already registered with us to adopt, please speak to your PDWRA Area Coordinator directly.

Thank You!

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