Dot’s journey began with a unique challenge—she was fully blind. But to Tracey, this was not a barrier just an opportunity to make a difference in Dot’s life. Being the only person willing and able at the time, to take in Dot due to her condition, Tracey welcomed her into her home, not knowing the profound impact Dot would soon have on her family.

For Dot, life hadn’t been easy. Previously in a home with larger dogs, she had faced injuries and trauma to both her eyes causing her sight loss. Despite her challenges, Dot exuded resilience and a zest for life. Described as a “fantastic tough and a sassy bundle of fun,” Dot’s personality captured Tracey’s heart from the start.

Initially intended as a short-term foster, Dot’s presence in Tracey’s home soon became permanent. She settled in quickly, becoming the first long-term foster pug for Tracey. This means PDWRA will always be there for support whenever needed, especially for Dot’s healthcare costs.


Despite her blindness, Dot navigates the world with remarkable independence. She understands commands like “step up” and “step down” and stops on cue to avoid obstacles. Her ability to adapt and thrive in her environment is inspiring.

Dot’s impact extends beyond Tracey’s family. With all of Tracey’s children having autism, Dot has become more than just a pet—she’s a source of comfort and joy. Particularly for Tracey’s son who struggles with his emotions, Dot has been a calming presence helping him regulate his emotions. He is also first one up in the morning to make sure Dot is cared for. She has also helped Tracey’s other son overcome his fear of dogs.

She’s a spirited bundle of joy, independent, resilient and is partial to pulling the washing out of the washing machine when Tracey is trying to load it!


Dot’s resilience isn’t just limited to her physical challenges. Having lost 24 teeth, she fearlessly tackles life head-on, always picking up the biggest bones from the shop. So, from pulling out laundry from the washing machine to snuggling up on blankets, Dot’s playful antics bring laughter and warmth to her home.

With patience and understanding, Dot has flourished, proving that every dog deserves a chance at a happy, fulfilling life.

As Tracey aptly puts it, “fostering a dog like Dot requires time, patience, and love—but the rewards are immeasurable!”.


If you would like to offer a pug like Dot a loving home, by fostering short or long-term, please apply at:



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