Our Volunteer Area Coordinators (VACs) are integral to everything PDWRA does. They are each responsible for an area of the UK, managing the surrendering, health care, fostering and rehoming of pugs in need.

Scotland is managed by Sandra, who has been the VAC there for 5 years, after first becoming involved with the charity as an adopter and fosterer. She more recently has been supporting the North of England also.

By Sandra:

I have been a Voluntary Area Coordinator (VAC) for 5 years covering Scotland. 

I am a pug mamma to 5 pugs four fawn and one black – having gotten my first pug Olly who is now 16. He’s getting on now and everything is starting to stop working as it should except his hearing which is finally tuned to the doorbell ringing or the fridge door being opened! Their ages range from 16 to 2 years old. 

I became involved with PDWRA as an adopter – adopting Elvis seven years ago then becoming a fosterer and have fostered many pugs over the years. Fostering is very rewarding, caring for a pug for a few weeks or for a few months then seeing them go on to their forever home. I have handed over lots of pugs to their new pug mum & dads. This will have been the first time they have met each other. Seeing the instant joy and the love between them is a great feeling.

Currently in Scotland and in parts of Northern England we do struggle to find homes with no other dogs or providing for special needs, behavioural or disabilities.

We also need volunteers to help with transporting pugs.  

I have met some wonderful people involved with the Charity and our fantastic adopters, foster carers and transporters who we could not do what we do, without their support.

PDWRA VAC Scotland & North of England.

If you could adopt a pug, please see: https://pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk/adopting-a-pug/

If you could foster, please see: https://pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk/fostering-a-pug/

If you could volunteer, including transporting pugs occasionally,
please see: https://pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk/volunteering-for-pdwra/




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