Naomi’s is another story of wanting to help out the Charity by fostering, and then falling in love with her charge in the process! 

Always keen to share photos of her beloveds with us, here are Naomi’s responses to questions we put to her about her experience with PDWRA and Petey pug.

Q. How did you first hear about the PDWRA? 

Since owning my first pug Romeo and realising how special the breed is, I have always had a desire to help pugs in need.  I’ve been an animal lover since I can remember and had various pets. I think I get it from my Mum!

Q. How did you come to make the decision to adopt through the PDWRA?

My pug Romeo was 10 years old and my Chihuahua 9 years old and I wanted a companion that could walk a little further (although the seniors got pushed round in their doggy pram also). I had bought my home now with a good garden, and knew I had the space and with great work life balance it was something I could finally commit to.

I applied and passed the checks with PDWRA VAC, Ronnie, who now I consider a dear friend through meeting from the charity. Ronnie contacted me and said can you help… I got back to her later that day and said yes. One day later I set off to pick Petey up and his sister also…. I didn’t intend to adopt him at this point just wanted to help and give something back. We still keep in touch with Petey’s sister and send her gifts and chat to her mum online.

Q. When did you adopt Petey?

When Petey came to me, he needed to be neutered before rehoming, so we developed a bond and when he returned from the vets and needed help to recover from his operation I started to think, OMG, can I let this handsome chap go to a new home?

I put this to the back of my mind for a short while but after my precious pug Romeo passed away on Petey’s 2nd Birthday, I just knew that this was a sign to keep him. So, we made the arrangements with the helpful and caring Ronnie, and he has been a valued part of my life and family since then. He is my soul dog and best friend.

Q. What made you decide to adopt?

Handsome boy, big brown puppy dog eyes and the pug head tilt, true to type characteristics. His happy demeanour, loving personality, needy pug personality and the fact that he follows me around all day every day!

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about Petey?

Petey was a misunderstood Pug, he is 100 miles an hour and a bit of a crazy loon but he is such a happy pup and loves his walkies, paddling pool and naps with me.

Q. How did you find the adoption process?  

The process was straight forward and I cannot thank Ronnie and the PDWRA enough for lining me up with my best friend <3

Q. Is there anything you think prospective adoptive or foster parents should know?

I feel people need to give it time. Dogs can take different time frames to settle and some have been through more than others… time and love go a long way.

Q. What has life been like since adopting Petey?

Honestly, he makes me so happy and I take him everywhere with me… this year alone he’s been to Northumberland, Scotland, Newquay, Newbury, Newark and more … I love taking him on days out, new walks and adventures with me.

I haven’t looked back at all. He really helped get me through a tough time of losing my senior pug, whilst he hasn’t replaced Romeo he has become a vital part of my life and I hope to foster and maybe adopt again in the future.

He’s become quite the celebrity and is a brand ambassador for ‘All About Dogs Shows’, ‘Dogfest’ events and so much more and is regularly treated from brands alike to; new dog beds, toys, harnesses and much more!

Thank you, for Petey!


Naomi has occasionally volunteered in other areas for the charity when she can. Last year she took Petey to Crufts, to help man our stand at the world-famous event!


You can also follow Naomi’s Petey, and his fur sibling’s adventures on Instagram: , Facebook and TikTok: @Exploreypaws.


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