Calling all pug lovers in Scotland and the North of England!


We are always in need of more adoptive & foster homes across the country as we are receiving an increasing number of pugs being surrendered for rehoming.

However, as we receive more applications from some regions over others, we are currently short in Scotland & the North of England to meet the needs of pugs in our care, which naturally vary considerably.

Our amazing volunteer transport network will take them safely to wherever they need to be, though it becomes more difficult when the best matched home when needed, is too far away for a realistic and comfortable journey for the pugs.
Their welfare is always paramount! 😊


So, whether you’re able to offer a loving forever home, add a companion to your grumble or have room for a bonded-pair where others haven’t, or offer the time & care to those with medical or special-needs, short or long-term, we welcome all!

Please read further details on our webpages and apply online here:


Thank you!




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