Eight year old Tilly came into the PDWRA’S care a few months ago due to her owner’s illness. She was described as a nervous dog who would only allow her owner to touch her, without attempting to bite!

When Tilly came to us, it was immediately apparent she was severely visually impaired due to pigment covering her cornea in both eyes. This was a result of the (untreated) condition ‘dry eye’.

Tilly was very scared initially and difficult to handle, which we suspected was due to her near blindness and very little social exposure.

Tilly’s skin was also in poor condition due to allergies, and unfortunately she had four masses on her skin. We had them removed and they were found to be varying grades of mast cell tumours.

Our foster carer worked hard on Tilly’s nervousness and with treatment, her skin and eyes became more comfortable, but unfortunately Tilly developed two further mast cell tumours.

Thankfully, since then, Tilly has had no further reoccurrence of her tumours, and she is unrecognisable compared to how she was when she came into the Charity’s care. She is happy, well adjusted, sociable, and loving life.

A wonderful outcome for Tilly, and for her foster carers who love her dearly!

If you would like to foster pugs in need like Tilly please see: Fostering | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk)

To find out more about mast cell tumours, please read: Mast Cell Tumours – by PDWRA Vet Advisor, Helen. | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk)


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