Written by PDWRA VAC, Jackie.

How heartbreaking a decision it is, to let go of your pug, and then face the difficult task of finding a good home where it can be loved and cared for.  PDWRA Volunteers understand how difficult and traumatic an experience it can be, which is why we help surrenderers through it compassionately and without judgement, to minimise the impact of that painful parting. Reassuring them also, that they will go to the best home possible from our vetted waiting list.

We can provide initial feedback on how their pug is progressing in the first few days and assure them they’re in trusted hands, thereafter our focus is fully geared towards the pug’s needs, and forever placement, or any rehabilitation requirements if needed.

When a surrender call is received we take as much information as possible about the pug; whether they’re compatible with children, cats, other dogs, what their diet is, their sleeping arrangements and walk routine.  Whether there are any medical or behavioural issues which need to be addressed. All this information is collated to form a picture of the pug so that we may find exactly the right foster placement.

The foster period varies depending upon the pugs needs – some may be ready to move on to their forever home within following a satisfactory Vet Health Check and Fosterer’s Assessment.  Others with more complex issues will remain in foster care for longer until they’re pronounced ready to move on to a waiting home.  A relatively small proportion will remain in Long-Term foster care, for their lifetime due to ongoing, multiple medical needs which the charity will support.

Foster pugs are treated as part of the family and participate fully in family life, taking into account any special needs they may have.  A trip to the beach – the foster pug goes too.  Movie night with the children – the foster pug has a front row seat.  Just chilling out with the family – definitely.  Chicken Nuggets on the menu – no chance!

This is one of our fosters on his way to a tennis lesson with the daughter of the house – Anyone for tennis ? 

Hoping you enjoyed these few photos which illustrate well how surrendered pugs are taken great care of!

By Jackie.

Anyone that wishes to discuss the surrendering of their pug, in confidence, please contact the Volunteer Are Coordinator for your area at:

If you would like to foster, short or long-term please read more & apply at:

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