Eddie’s Story 

Lynda is a seasoned dog trainer with a passion for providing animals with purposeful lives. Her journey into dog training began over seven years ago when she acquired qualifications in the field and established her own business. Lynda’s dedication extends beyond her professional life as she shares her home with a diverse pack of seven dogs, including pugs, a rescue bulldog, a Spanish Podenco and a Dogue De Bordeaux. Her love for dogs and her belief in their robustness and longevity are evident, with her eldest pug being 16 years old. Furthermore, Lynda’s involvement in rescuing animals has seen her foster and adopt numerous pets, totalling 36 rescues, ranging from dogs and cats to chickens and birds. Today, she operates from her own home with her own 4-acre field, offering training classes and private hire services.

Eddie, a 5-year-old pug with a remarkable story of resilience and the waggiest of tails, entered Lynda’s life last May under challenging circumstances. Facing the threat of being put to sleep due to being deemed unpredictable and erratic, (though it was more likely fear or nervousness due to his blindness), Eddie was surrendered to the PDWRA and connected with Lynda as an emergency foster. Lynda drove halfway to meet another volunteer who had collected Eddie and then their journey home began. Despite his challenges, including having only one eye, Lynda immediately saw potential in Eddie’s calm demeanour, a trait she says is uncommon in pugs. Within a few days, Lynda decided his forever home would be with her. Overcoming his limited vision and separation anxiety, Eddie began to thrive under Lynda’s care. Deciding to put him to the test, Lynda enrolled him in one of her kennel club puppy foundation classes, where he quickly excelled alongside a young handler.

Eddie’s training progress was remarkable, showcasing obedience skills uncommon in pugs, such as “sitting without the need for treats,” according to Lynda. Too old for the puppy Kennel Club classes, Lynda looked into the possibility of him becoming a Pets as Therapy dog, and so his journey to becoming one began. In order to qualify, Eddie needed to be calm when groomed, petted, fed, and walk nicely on a lead, a job Lynda was sure “Ready Eddie Go” could take on.  The assessment took place at the local veterinary clinic and was a challenging experience for Lynda, accustomed to assessing other people’s dogs, not the other way around!

As a newly qualified Pets as Therapy dog, Eddie’s job will entail visiting schools, adult learning disability centres, and even prisons to provide comfort and emotional support to those in need. Despite his unique circumstances, Eddie’s presence is expected to inspire and uplift individuals. “People will be able to see that even though he only has one eye, he is still able to live his life to the fullest,” says Lynda. “Children might not want to read to an adult but will read to a dog as dogs aren’t judgemental and won’t tell them off, it helps them to get their emotions out and ultimately learn”.

Lynda’s typical day with Eddie as a Pets as Therapy dog involves putting on his uniform, consisting of a bandana, little jacket, and a label on his lead, complete with a registration key fob with his picture on his collar (how cute!). With treats in hand, such as raspberries, blueberries, and carrot stick, provided by Lynda herself, they set off for their scheduled appointments. Lynda emphasises the importance of using low value treats for Eddie whilst he is working as she does not want him becoming obsessed with the treats and wants him to take them gently from visitors’ hands. It is also good for his waistline!

Upon arrival, individuals they are visiting are asked who would like to interact with Eddie. Some may be initially apprehensive about meeting a therapy dog, but through gentle interaction and observation of others engaging with Eddie, those who were initially hesitant might want to become involved. The duration of their visits is at Lynda’s discretion, typically starting with shorter sessions of around 30 minutes and gradually extending as Eddie becomes more familiar with the role. Thanks to his status as a therapy dog, Eddie is welcomed in various settings, including shops.

Lynda’s experience with Eddie has been transformative for her, offering her new training opportunities and unexpected personal growth. His calm demeanour, has not only brought joy to her life but also serves as a source of comfort and inspiration to those he encounters. Eddie’s habit of throwing himself onto his back for tummy rubs adds to his charm for everyone who has the pleasure of meeting him.

For those considering adopting a dog and training them as a therapy dog, Lynda advises thorough research, a commitment to routine and training as well as force-free training methods. She emphasises the unconditional love and rewarding companionship that dogs like Eddie offer in return for dedicated care and effort.

Yesterday saw his first visit to a local adults with learning disabilities centre in his role as a Pets as Therapy dog. The visit was a tremendous success with lots of happy smiley students and lots of treats and cuddles for Eddie. It was also his 1 year Gotcha day so lots for Eddie to celebrate.


Eddie’s journey from almost being put to sleep to becoming a valued member of society is a testament to Lynda and the work done by the PDWRA. Thanks to the intervention of the PDWRA, Eddie was given a second chance at life. Under Lynda’s guidance and training, Eddie has found his purpose as a Pets as Therapy dog. His story is a reminder of the importance of volunteers such as Lynda and charities like the PDWRA and the vital role they play in rescuing and rehabilitating pugs like Eddie. Without the continued support of donations to the PDWRA, Eddie’s journey might have taken a very different turn.


Ready Eddie Go!

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