Our Dynamic Duo were snapped up & are living the dream in their new home!


Clyde and Bonnie are a strongly bonded, loving pair, 5 & 6 years-old.

They are being rehomed only due to an unfortunate allergy their young human had towards them, in their previous family.

Bonnie is in charge and leads the way for Clyde. He cries if he doesn’t know where she is so they need to stay together. Bonnie is quite fiesty and can dominate other dogs, including a very chilled out pug in foster so we are looking for a home without other dogs as it may be unfair to those already in the home.

Despite this, they are as adorable as they look!

They absolutely love cuddles and nothing more than to snuggle up on the sofa with a human friend. They are great with older and younger children both of which they have lived with before.

They love their walks. Clyde is great at putting his harness while Bonnie gets over excited and will run round in circles until sorted. They walk well on the lead and Bonnie especially is good when allowed to run off. Clyde will walk further than her if he’s allowed to. Taking him out on his own sometimes gets him more exercise as Bonnie can hold him back.

They are good with other dogs outside of the home but haven’t been tested with cats.

Meal times are peaceful, they eat together, from their own bowls without disturbing the others.

They are both well toilet-trained, Bonnie preferring to go in the garden rather than on her walks. Neither of them have ever had ‘accidents’ in the house.

They are perfect at night time and settle really well. They have a crate which they have liked in the past but prefer their cuddle bed which they sleep on together – their crate is left open at night so they can choose.

So, could YOU or someone you know, offer Bonnie & Clyde their forever home together?

Please apply, quoting Reference: Bonnie 23237 & Clyde 23236 at: https://pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk/adopting-a-pug/

If you are already registered with us to adopt, please speak to your PDWRA Area Coordinator directly.

Thank You, from Bonnie & Clyde!

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