This is adopter, Shirley’s, drawing of Daphne, who we appealed for a home for, last September. By October they were inseparable!

Shirley is an extremely talented artist also, and has been raising money for other dog breed charities, raising over £10,000 just by drawing people’s dogs. She has now offered her talent to raise funds for PDWRA!

In January alone, Shirley graciously donated a remarkable * £135 * from the sales of eight distinctive and original drawings so we are sending a heartfelt thank you to Shirley for her incredible contribution!

Our pug owners are absolutely delighted to own such personalised artwork featuring their beloved furry companions!

Shirley will draw anything with four legs! 😄

So, if you’re interested in supporting the PDWRA and acquiring these unique personal drawings don’t miss the chance to make a difference with your purchase. Please join our Mega-Auction fundraising facebook group to find out more:
PDWRA Mega Auction For Pugs In Need | Facebook


Here are links to their Happy-Ever-Story!:
When Shirley met Daphne! | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (

Daphne, adopted & completely at home! | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (




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