With the low temperatures last week did your pugs get a chance to have fun in the snow, like Margo & Alfie? or did they prefer to stay warm & toasty indoors?

The latter would be recommended now Storm Isha is on its way….. with strong winds and heavy rain affecting nearly the whole country. More severe near coastlines.

Storm Tips:

  • Be alerted to local weather warnings, news & reports.
  • Ensure microchips are up-to-date and use ID tags with your contact number in case they get loose.
  • Keep them away from floodwater which is dirty as well as containing floating or hidden objects.
  • Secure your home and make it cosy as you would when there are fireworks. Make a den if it helps.
  • It may be worth preparing an emergency kit of pet supplies & medication in case you need to evacuate quickly. Notes on pets with regular medications is always useful in case you need help from others.

Please see further tips & advice for pug safety in winter conditions:


The Big Chill is Here! | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk)


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