The Big Chill is definitely here! ❄️

We’ve been warned it was coming and temperatures have dropped considerately with widespread frost predicted.

Please see some useful guidance on when’s too cold, to take them out:

Here are some reminders to help your pug brave the cold if it’s not too hazardous to take them them out.

– Beware of thin ice.

– There will be more salted roads & paths where our pugs can burn their paw pads and it’s not always easy to tell where salt has been. Clean their paws including between their toes, once home to remove any potential residue.

– Take care when using antifreeze, remember others will be too. It tastes sweet, so is tempting for dogs but can be lethal if ingested.

– Watch for dogs drinking out of puddles too as they may be tainted with antifreeze chemicals.


– Do kit them out in warm outerwear, that fits well, not too loose or too tight to restrict their movement.

– Use winter paw protection if needed, this could be in the form of dog dry skin creams/ balms, or doggy booties.

– Inspect pug paws regularly to check for cracked pads, broken nails or snow/salt damage.

– Brush your pug’s coat regularly to distribute natural oils to the skin and prevent dry patches.

– If it’s windy, don’t forget to protect their eyes, either by extra lubrication gels and consider if on a beach, where sand can scratch them causing lasting damage without urgent treatment.

Margo & Alfie having a quick play in the snow.

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Have fun and play, while staying safe!

Margo says so!

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