**JUNE UPDATE: GREAT NEWS, Freddie has found his Forever Home!**

Freddie is still patiently waiting for us to find a forever home for him. One where he will have his human/s all to himself!

10 year-old Freddie is being cared for very well in foster, where he isn’t the only canine which is why we’re confident that he really needs to be, to thrive comfortably, and enjoy the rest of his days. In return he will be the most loving and loyal companion to his human/s.

We recognise this situation is rare in our pug communities, but if your circumstances have changed or you know anyone who may be suited to Freddie’s needs, please apply for him.

You could also help Freddie by sharing this appeal to friends or local groups. He would be very grateful.

Thank you! 

Please read more about Freddie, and how to apply, HERE!


Freddie is looking for a peaceful forever home!

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