**JUNE UPDATE: GREAT NEWS, Freddie has found his Forever Home!**

This is 10 year-old Freddie. He needs to be in a home as an only dog.

This is mainly due to his poor eyesight as he will snap when he’s frightened by sudden movements and feeling vulnerable. Freddie enjoys a warm lap to himself as he loves his trusted humans and to feel reassured and safe. He is a lovely Pug who adores being cuddled and purrs with contentment when being stroked!

Freddie has overcome a lot already, since he first came into the charity weighing under 5 kilos, now 7, and is enjoying a new lease of life in our excellent fosterer’s care. In his previous life he was kept in a very small crate for long periods of time so when he gets excited he will circle. He is also very food orientated!

He may be 10 years old but he is an energetic and loving companion. He loves his walks and is good on the lead also when visiting the vets. He likes to explore the garden but naturally needs to be in a securely fenced-in garden because of his eyesight.

Finding the right forever home is important for Freddie.  He is comfortable being alone for short periods of time but will get upset for a few minutes when first left. He is a very sweet little pug who enjoys attention from humans. His favourite place is with you on your knee, or a soft bed with a furry blanket on it!

Freddie is a very loyal companion when he falls in love with a human. His perfect home will be a quiet one with no other dogs, cats or children.

If you can provide Freddie with this, or know someone who would be interested in giving Freddie his perfect forever home with all the love and attention he so deserves, please apply at: https://pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk/adopting-a-pug/
Quoting Reference: FREDDIE 23056 on your application form.

If you are already registered with us and are interested in adopting Freddie, please speak to your Area Coordinator directly.

Thank You!

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