** GOOD NEWS UPDATE!  In no time Luna found the perfect one, and loves being the centre of attention!! **

Little Luna is only 1yr 3mnths. Unfortunately, due to her owner’s change in circumstances where dogs aren’t allowed at their new home, she is looking for her forever home.   

Luna is a very affectionate and smart little pug, now with one of our experienced foster carers, who initially found her to be frightened outside but is really just reactive to other dogs. She barks at visiting dogs not people, and we have been told will also chase cats! Other than this, Luna enjoys her walks, and has good recall.

Young Luna tends to get over-excited when her harness is put on for walks, which sometimes comes across as aggressive if other dogs (pugs) are around but could just be her excitement. She can nip when playing as typical pups do.

Although Luna is not aggressive she has been bossy and a bit of a bully towards other dogs which some behavioural training should help. She doesn’t fight but makes aggressive noises that aren’t playful which is why she would be better suited in a no dog home. She does want all the human attention.

Wanting to be with you all the time is how needy she is, She hasn’t been left alone at all in foster due to separation anxiety. She will cry if there’s a closed door between you. However, she is a fast learner so training may improve this quite quickly.

Luna was meant to be housetrained but wasn’t found to be at first, in foster. Treats rewarding her going outside has really helped with this. Being very food driven helps with this definitely being the way forward with training. Luna might therefore have accidents at first in a new home due to her anxiety, but treats will always work, and talking to her calmly helps if she is over excited.

Her insecurity extends to being scared of loud noises too but she responds well to commands or calming her with a treat in hand! Luna’s reactivity to other dogs will require training and patience as well as providing her with a lot of exercise.

Luna hasn’t had a season yet so will need to be spayed 6 weeks to 3 months after that happens and is in good health for a lively, young pug.

So, if you could invest in Luna by offering the forever home she needs, plus reap all the rewards of this delightful little girl, please apply!

Quote Reference: Luna 24005 in your application, at: https://pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk/adopting-a-pug/

If you are already registered to adopt with PDWRA, please speak to your PDWRA Area Coordinator directly.

Thank You! Hopefully Luna won’t have to wait too long.



Little Luna, Happily Adopted!

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