During the winter months please remember all of the potential hazards our dogs could face, and especially as we’ve had some severe storms recently, Don’t forget the wind!
There have been warnings not to walk dogs near the seafront. They don’t have anything to protect their eyes from sand that can scratch them causing lasting damage without urgent treatment.
Here are a few other precautionary reminders:
– Take care when using antifreeze and clear up spills. It tastes sweet so is tempting for dogs, but can be lethal if ingested.
– Watch for them drinking out of puddles too as they may be tainted with antifreeze chemicals.

– Keep your dogs off salted roads and paths as much as possible as it can burn their paw pads.

– Use winter paw protection if needed, this could be in the form of dog dry skin creams/ balms, or doggy booties.

Therefore, for their wellbeing during winter months:

– Inspect pug paws regularly to check for cracked pads, broken nails or snow/salt damage.

– Brush your pug’s coat regularly to distribute natural oils to the skin and prevent dry patches.

– Keep your pug or grumble inside during the chilly winter months – as in hot weather, pugs are not equipped to handle extreme or long exposure to the cold.

– Keep the temperature level. Animals are more sensitive to temperature changes than we are.

– Use protective screens around fireplaces and maintain supervision in the area.

– Reduce their food based on their energy level. Pugs tend to be less active during the winter to conserve energy! 😉😅


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