Article by Volunteer Nicola, a Veterinary Nurse and Director of Tenderpaws Vets in West Wickham, Kent. 

My passion is pugs! I’ve grown up with them and in some way or another have supported Pug Welfare through those years. That leads me to say I have 8 pugs! 3 black, 4 fawn and 1 white called Charlie. Each have special needs and requirements 😂. All have different characters especially Charlie.

The circumstances around Charlie’s surrender were difficult, as he was terrified of men and would start fights with the other dogs in the surrenderers’ home. He’s a wonderful pug though, and I wouldn’t be without him!

I recently took in another troubled dog which wasn’t able to settle in a previous foster placement and showed signs of aggression. Eventually I found him a fantastic home where there were no other dogs and he’s very happy now.

I’ve fostered many pugs for the PDWRA but I’m generally a hopeless fosterer and have kept most of them! Over the years I’ve also helped with transporting pugs and continue to help out with problem solving both at home and at work.

As well as helping out the PDWRA in the practice wherever I can, I also do home checks and make follow-up visits for pugs placed in adoption.

I feel as though I’m privileged to be able to help a charity which gives vital love, care and support to many needy pugs!



If you feel you could foster or volunteer as Nicola describes, please see further details at the following webpages:

Fostering | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (

Volunteering for PDWRA | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (

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