Tully was surrendered to the care of the PDWRA with another pug from an ex-breeder. She had thankfully been rescued by him at the beginning of the year from an abusive owner. Unfortunately after a little while, fighting was developing in the pack at Tully’s new home so we were called with the request to rehome her.

Tully, is such a beautiful,  intelligent, innocent young girl, and was placed in one of our foster homes with 2 elderly PDWRA pugs who would be less reactive. Tully was neutered in the meantime.
Still under 2 years of age, naturally energetic and loving, Tully showed absolutely no signs of aggression there.

Tully’s fosterer thoroughly enjoyed her company as she settled very quickly into their routine and with the two senior pugs. She seemed to know not to bother them, has pretty good manners and with some extra training would be a perfect little pug. She knew the word “sit” but that was about it.

Meanwhile, a previous PDWRA adoptive couple in another region of the UK had not long lost their beloved pug, Gertie, to cancer. They were bereft as Gertie was such a fundamental part of their lives, giving her Mum a new lease of life following some poor health.

Also, having set up a local pug-meet group in their area, Gertie was well-known to the whole pug community there.

We weren’t sure whether they were ready to consider another pug so soon after losing Gertie, but they were asked as it might have helped with their grief, and they said yes, feeling that Gertie had sent her to them, while they still had so much love to give.

Tully was in the right place at the right time for Gertie’s parents. It was like fate. She is a perfect match for them and they are delighted. Tully too, is in her perfect home, one that her original, kind-hearted rescuer couldn’t offer himself!

Gertie will never be forgotten. They plan to hold a fundraising walk, in her memory to benefit other PDWRA pugs.

PDWRA is solely funded by public donations. We are extremely grateful for any form of fundraising towards pugs in need, in our care.
Fundraising & Events 2023 | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk)



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