Fostering for PDWRA isn’t only for the adults!

The younger generation of up and coming fosterers are getting involved too. Here, Ronnie, aged 6, and who’s Mum is a regular fosterer for PDWRA, stood up bravely in front of the crowd to give a talk on fostering for PDWRA to his fellow Beavers for his Animal Care Badge.

He was ably assisted by Reggie, on long term foster with Ronnie and his family, who you can just about see on the right.

Ronnie’s talk was well received by the audience, who lined up afterwards for the opportunity to be introduced to Reggie, where he was stroked and cuddled.

Ronnie not only achieved his badge, but sparked an interest in caring for animals in general from everybody.

The lovely Reggie is on long-term-foster due to mobility problems where he’s going to find it increasingly difficult to walk. In fact he’s just got some assistance in the form of a buggy to help him along when he needs it.

If you would like to foster a pug like Reggie, please see details about fostering here:

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