Poor Ringo.   He unwittingly tried to make friends with a bee in the flower beds of his garden! He didn’t squeak or yelp as he’s always stoic with pain, just took himself away looking sorry for himself.  The swelling on Ringo’s face became apparent in minutes, which then started to ooze, so he was taken straight to the Vet.

Ringo is on medication for other health issues, so he definitely needed his Vet’s assessment for the correct treatment. Although mild reactions to stings can often be managed at home, others can be far more serious and even life-threatening if left untreated.

Ringo is thankfully comfortable and recovering well at home. Mum says his swelling is reducing and he’s back to being a lounge lizard, looking at them pleading “Help me, I can’t walk!” but when he’s out and sees a female dog, he’s alert, wooing them with his “Well helloooo young lady!” body language!

For more information about how dangerous stings can be, and what to do, please see:


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