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Golden Oldie pair have found their forever home!

The best news!  Bert and Ernie have found their perfect forever home!

Bert and Ernie needed to stay together, as they are a bonded pair and love each other’s company.

Last time we saw them, they were enjoying their stay in foster, when we eventually found their forever home following an appeal.  We’ve already rehomed quite a number of bonded pairs so far this year.

Bert and Ernie were collected by Mum and Dad in no time, and have settled in so easily. They are the gentlest, most undemanding of pugs. Their Mum says it’s like they’ve always been there.

Another fantastic, happy ending to celebrate!

Mother’s Day Pawty in Yorkshire

Yorkshire held a Mother’s Day Pawty – before the lockdown!

Fun was had by all at one of the last pug get-togethers before lockdown, little did we know!

A massive thank you to Amanda Brook for organising, accompanied by her beautiful rescue pug Arthur (below), who I’m sure you will agree looked rather dashing his new outfit!

Do you think she had treats by any chance?

Rumour has it that Percy proposed to Mabel at the event so who knows maybe there will be wedding bells at a future meet up?

The pawty held at the Revolution in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire raised £65 for PDWRA – thank you all so much for your support.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next meet up.

Our youngest rescue puppies


Update on the rescue puppies:

These little bundles of joy are now out and about and their characters are really showing!! They absolutely loved their first solid meal a week or so ago, and are getting chunkier by the day! They’re getting so big so quickly, they’ve outgrown the puppy pen. They’re even exploring the garden now as the weather’s been so lovely.  Who could ask for better company while being socially isolated!?!


 First report from their foster:-

“When Mum arrived in foster, she was underweight and heavily pregnant. Her vet check found that she had a nasty urine infection that needed urgent medication. She also hadn’t been wormed, so had to start a worming programme for pregnancy, to protect her and her babies.

After settling in really well she quickly became very attached, so we are bedtime partners too! She has the comfy bed and I get the sofa!!

The puppies soon arrived. Labour and birth lasted 17 hours but she was a trouper, delivering naturally 6 healthy puppies, 4 girls and 2 boys. Mum and puppies are doing really well and are all gaining weight as they should be.”

Stay tuned for more pupdates.  Please note, none of the puppies are up for adoption at the present time.

Pug Rescue South Africa

This should raise a smile in these testing times:

We received this email about this family’s foster experience and thought you might enjoy reading it.

I have always loved the look of a pug. Call me crazy but a squishy face, snub nose, stocky little body and curly tail screams cute to me! Despite having never owned my own pug, my interest in the breed led me to discover the incredible Pug Haven (Heaven), built by Malcolm and Cheryl Gaw, founders of Pug Rescue South Africa. It was around 2013 that I first attended a fundraiser at their Haven in Benoni and from the moment I entered the gates of this shelter I was blown away.

Plush pugs joyfully bouncing about, bone- shaped doggie pools, a manicured garden and magnificent facilities ….all immaculately maintained. You could see the care and attention to detail put into every part of this special place. As my future husband and I drank wine, listened to live music, cuddled more pugs than we could count and took part in the fun raffles and activities, we knew that these monthly fundraisers (known as a Yappy Hour) would become a regular part of our life as a couple.

After marrying in 2015, we had our little boy the following year and the demands of parenthood meant that we could not visit Pug Haven as regularly as we once did. However, we continued to support the shelter and follow Cheryl and Malcolm’s incredible work with both Pug Rescue and their Thanda Inja Project for disadvantaged pet owners in Daveyton Township on the East Rand.

Fast forward a few years….Our animal-obsessed little boy will be turning four this June and had been asking for a dog for a while. Our intention was always to adopt a pug from Pug Rescue but we had planned to do so next year, when our son was slightly older. However, the Corona crisis flipped our script and, when the opportunity arose to foster a fur child from Pug Rescue during the lockdown, we contacted Cheryl immediately.

From the moment our son met Marley at the shelter on collection day, he fell in love and my husband and I were equally smitten with this stunning, nine- year-old boy. We have had our fawn- coloured cutie for well over two weeks now and I honestly cannot contemplate a time when he wasn’t a part of our family. Yes, I expected a sweet addition to our home but I could have never anticipated how truly loving and loyal these dogs are. It is literally like having a ball of love follow you around all day! An added bonus is that our son now confidently sleeps in his own bed because “his Marley” sleeps alongside him and he thanks me at least five times a day for getting him his dog. So now we are officially “Foster Fails” and have already applied to adopt our little guy.
This national lockdown has been a period of real fear, grief and hardship for many people and all of our lives have been irrevocably changed. However, I truly believe that some of the most incredible gifts can arise out of the darkest times. Our Marley has certainly been one of these gifts and no matter what the future brings, this little dog is a reminder that, in the end, all that really counts is the love we give and the love we get. What greater lesson and blessing than that?

An Easter Sunday pug

Maureen Lee, who helps PDWRA in the South West, has sent a photograph of her first pug who was born on Easter Sunday, April 12th 1968.  Coincidentally, Easter Sunday is April 12th this year as well.

Here is DEMELZA’S EASTER NIMBELL who was sired by Ch CEDARWOOD BLUNSHILL’S NIMROD ex DEMELZA’S JADRINA; she was bred by Maureen’s late uncle, Tom Barnicoat.

Ch CEDARWOOD BLUNSHILL’S NIMROD was the first pug to win the Toy Group at Crufts 1967.  He is pictured here with his owner Pauline Thorp receiving the award from HRH Duchess of Gloucester.

Sunbathing – at home

As sunbathing away from home during lockdown is an absolute no-no, we thought you might like to see a new PDWRA grumble enjoying their garden.

Harry and Tom – a bonded pair of gents – have joined Libby and Lucy in a new home, where they are kindly allowing the girls to have the comfy cushion!

Harvey’s adoption!

We are delighted to tell you that Harvey has been adopted by his foster family – he was just too special to part with.

PDWRA are immensely grateful for the love and care that his foster carers have given to Harvey, and we know he will be treasured into his twilight years.

Thank you all for your support.

Here is another brief update on Harvey – he’s been catching some rays this week in the springtime sunshine, happily basking with his forever family, without a care in the world.  Handsome Harvey!

Read the whole of Harvey’s story below.


This is Harvey.  He was surrendered into our care yesterday.

Harvey previously lived with an elderly owner who has dementia, and who was consequently struggling to care for his needs.  We thank Harvey’s extended family for choosing to surrender Harvey into our care, where he will now receive the treatment he requires.


For now we are giving Harvey space just to ‘be’.  True to his pug character, Harvey is making the most of the new experiences his foster home has to offer – short walks, regular appropriate meals, and the companionship of other dogs.

Harvey has an appointment with the vet today, when his treatment will begin.  We will keep you all updated on his progress.

Please donate to help us fund Harvey’s treatment.  You can donate via Paypal at

Or for alternative methods, here is the link to our Donating to Pug Welfare page:

Please use the reference “Harvey” so that we can quickly acknowledge your donations.

On behalf of Harvey, thank you.

Harvey’s vet visit update

Harvey’s initial visit to the vet.

Harvey, as expected, was a little worried about his examination by the vet, but testament to his lovely nature; he politely permitted the vet to check him over.

Harvey has been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis with a secondary skin infection.  His ears, hind legs, tail, abdomen, anal area and scrotum are affected.  His ear canals are currently too inflamed to examine any deeper – they will be re-examined once the swelling subsides.

Harvey is currently being treated with a combination of antibiotics, steroids, flea treatment, and a medicated shampoo.  He has a follow up appointment at the end of this week.  Castration, a dental, and vaccinations will be scheduled once his skin condition is well under control.

Harvey is already scratching less, and is visibly more comfortable.  He has regained his appetite following the move, and has claimed his spot on the sofa.

His vet bill for treatment so far – including blood tests –  is £189.98.

Thank you for your supportive words and kind donations.

Harvey – further update

Harvey’s skin continues to improve – now feeling much softer and looking far less angry than it did a week ago.

Harvey is thoroughly enjoying his time in foster, and is continuing to build friendships with the other resident animals.

Is it time for dinner yet?

Harvey – another update

Harvey has been going from strength to strength, thanks to your kind and generous donations and support.

Here he is thoroughly enjoying a local pug meet this weekend.  He’s quite the social butterfly and greeted the other pugs with a good sniff.  Needless to say he slept well when he got home!

His ear infection continues to improve, and he has new hair growth emerging on his legs.

Thank you for supporting Harvey’s care.  We will keep you updated.

Harvey on his holidays!

Hello – Harvey here!

I’ve been on a little holiday with my canine companions and foster family to visit friends.  We had a great time – beach walks and spoils aplenty.

My skin condition can be problematic to manage, but is currently much better, thanks to the continued commitment of my foster carers and of course my PDWRA supporters.

Looking forward to my next adventure,

Harvey 🐾

Ironman Triathlon event is postponed

Due to the current situation, the Ironman Triathlon Event that PDWRA Volunteer and Vet Advisor Malcolm was due to participate in, has been postponed until further notice.  Sponsorship is on hold, although we appreciate general donations to cover urgent and emergency vet care costs as usual.

If you would like to donate, please go to


Thank you for your continued support.