Article by Paula Parke.

I’m Paula and I’ve volunteered for Pug Dog Welfare (PDWRA) since 2018. I have always had an active interest in animal welfare and have volunteered for Dog rescue charities both in the UK and Africa.

I got Tia (my first Pug in 2009) she joined Max our Dalmatian, followed by Jessica my second Pug in 2012.  I joined PDWRA as a foster volunteer in 2018, following this I long term fostered Bonnie who could not be placed in adoption as she had spinal cysts, had been neglected and used to produce puppies. Sadly, we had to have Bonnie PTS this year as she had inoperable cancerous tumours. It’s thanks to the generosity of our supporters we were able to give Bonnie five good years of life.

In 2019 I became an Area Co-ordinator, and Josie joined my grumble, she had severe mental health issues and had been badly beaten. I remember life was put on hold for three months as Josie would scream and spin day and night. Thanks to support from Malcolm (PDWRA Vet advisor) we were able to get help from a specialist in behavioural medicine. Josie is now much improved and able to venture out for short walks where there are other people.

In 2021 I became a Trustee; my areas of responsibility are PDWRA’s operational processes and development including acting as the Lead for Area Co-ordinators across the country. I also have an active role within PDWRA’s core Communication group and social media support.

This year has seen a number of changes, with more elderly, disabled and very ill or at end of life Pugs being surrendered. In the earlier part of the year there was an increase in the number of Pugs surrendered and a reduction in adoption applications, in the last two months this situation has reversed. We have also seen an increase in other charities seeking our help with Pugs that have been surrendered to them. So far this year 218 Pugs have been surrendered to PDWRA and our veterinary costs are £209k (or over £200K) so far this year.

On behalf of PDWRA, We Wish you All and your Pugs, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

If you would like to volunteer, please look at the options available:
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