Everyone, two-legged and four, should be able to have a safe, fun, and happy Halloween.

Here are some tips and references to consider:

– Keep chocolate and sweets (many contain xylitol) out of paws reach
– Be careful with lit pumpkins and never leave your dog unattended around them
– If using battery lights in your pumpkins make sure your dog doesn’t get close enough to chew or swallow them
– Be aware of any choking hazards
– Keep Halloween decorations out of their reach or they could become entangled in them
– Trick or treaters and unfamiliar visitors especially in costume can cause alarm to your dog so create a safe quiet place for them to relax.
– Walk your dog before dark to avoid trick or treaters who may scare your dog or cause unnecessary stress.
– Your dog is likely to come into contact with more children than usual – so it is important to prepare for your dog’s reaction accordingly. Also, be prepared for children wanting to touch your dog, which can cause extra stress

It’s useful; to have your vets telephone number to hand should your dog find and eat chocolate, sweets or items which may block its airway. Your vet will need to know what was eaten, when and how much. If your dog eats something they shouldn’t, do not attempt to make them sick unless your vet advises this, as this could cause further problems.


You might be considering dressing up your pet. Here are a few things to consider before doing so:

-Also be aware that fireworks are available before Halloween and loud bangs and sudden bright lights may spook your dog. Diwali and Bonfire night are also days away!

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