Could You offer young Gordon his Forever Home!

This Good Friday, Gordon is appealing for his Forever-Home!

2.5 year old Gordon  is a very loving, and loveable boy, who is looking for a calm yet active family who can work on building his confidence.

He is neutered and has lived with other dogs before and can clash with other males if living with them full time, so a home with a resident calm and steady female would be ideal for him.

Gordon could potentially live as an only dog though his foster carers have noted that he becomes more stressed (and will scream) if left with no dogs for company.

In his previous home he lived with young children and was reported to be excellent with them, but is untested regarding cats.

Gordon has a lot of energy and is an agile boy who will jump onto any available surface and can even open the fridge!!

He’ll be great at helping anyone lose weight because if you leave a meal unattended on the table in his presence it will definitely vanish.

Gordon’s furniture surfing behaviours often occur when his people leave and he becomes more anxious.

He will benefit from plenty of exercise to work off his energy, maybe even a bit of agility or other activities, given his talents.

Gordon has been introduced to a crate to be a haven for him and he will now choose to go into this and settle of his own accord during the day.

After initial protests, he also sleeps well with the crate covered at night but will be up with the larks at 6:30am.

Gordon loves his walks but can be reactive to vehicles, dogs and other animals when on lead. His foster carer has made some progress on this with distraction. Further work on this will be beneficial in his Forever-Home.

So, could YOU be that Forever-Home for young Gordon? 

Please apply for him, quoting Reference: Gordon 24045 at:

If you are already registered to adopt with us, please speak to your PDWRA Area Coordinator directly.

Thank You!

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