Thankfully, Edna has found her perfect new home, all to herself!


Edna is still looking for her exclusive, Forever-Home, without dogs or cats, often harder to find in our dog-loving community.

She was previously caged for long periods while her owners were working, so desperately needs love and attention from her humans, all to herself!

Edna is a diva who will make you laugh for hours. She is used to having children around, older rather than young is recommended.

Describing some of her wonderful attributes, Edna:

  • is a very happy little girl
  • loves tummy and ear tickles
  • communicates with little noises
  • is very loving
  • loves to play with toys and you!
  • likes to go to sleep sucking on a toy
  • sleeps right through the night
  • is totally clean in the house (not one accident)
  • is very funny 🤣
  • will tell you to pick up her toy for her if it falls off the bed when she’s sucking it 😂
  • is non-destructive and can be left alone
  • loves the garden
  • can go upstairs on her own but currently needs carrying down but will learn
  • travels well in the car
  • loves humans
  • dances around when she’s being cheeky 🤣
  • is good at barking if someone rings the doorbell or knocks on the door
  • doesn’t bark at the TV!

Please consider if you, or anyone you know, could be Edna’s forever-home and she will reward you with so much joy and happiness in return!

For more information please see more of Edna’s details and how to apply: https://pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk/edna-needs-to-be-in-a-lone-pet-home/

🤞 Thank you! 🐾

Full details on adopting with PDWRA are found at: https://pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk/adopting-a-pug/

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