Carolyn firstly adopted Frug Maverick in November 2021 as a companion to Martha, her French Bulldog and Beyonce, her Pug. Sadly, Martha and Beyonce both passed away at the end of 2022 and not wanting Maverick to be on his own she then adopted bonded pair Elsie and Frank in January 2023.

In her interview, here, Carolyn talks about the adoption process and how grateful she is to the PDWRA for helping to make it all happen. She also talks about their special unique characters and how well they all get along!

How did you hear about the PDWRA?

I have always rescued my pets and the PDWRA was on my radar after I saw some posts on Instagram from people who had fostered and adopted with them. It looked like a well-run organisation (it is!)

How did you come to make the decision to adopt through the PDWRA?

At the time I had Martha, my French bulldog and Beyonce the pug from two other rescues, but we wanted a little boy dog for them to play with. We saw the PDWRA were looking for homes, so got in touch.

It was lockdown when PDWRA’s Lisa contacted us about Maverick, and a virtual home check was conducted, then restrictions were being lifted so we were lucky enough to arrange to meet him with his foster. We knew we needed to meet him from the very first photo Lisa sent us.

When did you adopt Elsie, Maverick, and Frank?

Maverick came to live with us in November 2021, Elsie, and Frank in January 2023. Martha and Beyonce sadly both passed at the end of 2022, leaving Maverick on his own, but he loves having friends and we had more love to give, so we reached out to Lisa.

What made you decide to adopt Maverick after Elsie and Frank? – This was the other way around!

Maverick was so different to my other rescues, who had always been older lady pugs. I didn’t even know what a Frug was! When we adopted him, he had needed some surgeries, which were covered by the PDWRA. He was young and so springy. He clearly had a lot of energy, but Beyonce and Martha liked that so we weren’t worried that he would be too much for them. He’s also clearly the most handsome dog in the world. We had to take him home and love him.

Elsie and Frank were a bonded pair, but we are used to three dogs at home, and we liked that they were the same age as Maverick. He loves having siblings that have the same energy levels as him. They are all seriously in love with one another.

Can you tell us a little bit about your lovely pugs?

I would LOVE to!

Maverick J Maverickson – Now Maverick is technically a Frug, so he has some French bulldog qualities (mostly the windy parts). His ears are amazing, and we have a whole folder of photos of just them…. Maverick is what you call a ‘velcro’ dog, we are rarely apart. He sleeps with us as my ‘little spoon’, and I often take him to London for work or to most places really as he’s so well behaved. He can do some tricks and his favourite toys are the ones he can chew. Maverick has ‘big emotions’ so we help him channel them into games or activities to help him process them.

Mrs Elsie Custard – Elsie is hilarious. I’ve had girl pugs before, but none as funny as her. She’s always up for a game, loves to run around, but also gives excellent cuddles and kisses. Her ‘teefs’ are famous, and she gets stopped a lot when we’re out so people can tell her ‘How pretty’ she is. She likes to shout at birds and roll in smells, but you cannot tell her she’s wrong because this is Elsie’s world and we’re all just living in it. My favourite thing about Elsie is that she can hear a treat packet from seven miles away and you MUST share.

Dr Frank Frankles MD – Oh Frank. He is SUCH a vibe. Frank is our calm, collected young man. Although if you try and watch anything on TV with an animal, he goes mental! Frank has had some health issues since he came to us – his body makes crystals in his pee – so he’s on a special diet. He also has tiny ear canals, so we must be extra vigilant for infection. Frank LOVES water, so naturally we bought him a 10-foot blow up pool last summer, he’s learning to swim! He also enjoys all squeakers, so for Christmas we got him a bag of 100 of them which he had ‘killed’ by January 15th  !!

How did you find the adoption process?

So smooth and professional. Lisa is our area manager, and although we’ve never met I count her as one of the best people in our lives because she brought our hairy family together. She checks all the details about what the pugs need and she’s always there if we need to ask questions or just send her cute pictures!

I love that you can sometimes get to meet the pugs and their fosters first as you can see how they are doing with the big changes and chat about everything before you decide. Everything is checked – you don’t have to worry that you’re not being given all the information or won’t be able to ask questions.

Is there anything you think prospective adoptive parents should know?

I think while pugs are easier dogs than others in terms of their temperament, they need more than an average amount of attention. We are very lucky that I work from home, so I am here for our three all day, but I think checking that you are going to be around enough for your pugs is always a good idea.

Pugs also come with their own idiosyncratic health issues – so insurance or putting money aside is wise. The PDWRA share some great articles on health tips, but I also think reading up on pugs or joining some local groups is a great idea if you’re new to the breed.

Make friends with your vet if you can. We pop in sometimes just for cuddles or treats so the pugs don’t always associate the vet with bad things. We also find it makes things easier with health checks and dreaded nail trimmings if the pugs feel more relaxed than stressed out at the vet.

When you’re ready to adopt, I would also say it’s good to go in with an open mind. Rescue pugs can have various back stories and perhaps they aren’t what you imagined when you dreamed of having a dog – but to me that makes them even more special because they are going to bring you a lot of unexpected joy!

What has life been like since adopting your pugs?

Chaotic in the best way. We decided to not have children, so the dogs are very much our kids. We throw them birthday parties, buy them way too many toys, and spend 99.9% of our lives photographing them or telling people about them. We plan everything around them and their happiness and get back so much love (and hair) back.

I am grateful that I get to be their new Mum after they needed to move on. It’s a privilege.

This gang also have their own Instagram account called ‘The Hairy Heslops’, so if you’d like to keep up to date with their adventures, why not give them a follow!

For more information about adopting with PDWRA, please see:

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