Lynda wanted to share with us how her 2 cheeky, Golden Girls were getting on since she adopted them:

“We adopted Bo & Hetty, mother and daughter, through PDWRA, a fair few wonderful years ago now. We adore and love them more each year. They have come a very long way since we have had them, they learnt to play, eat out of a bowl, and are not frightened by men anymore. It took about 18 months before they would go to my husband but they became happy to do so.

We bonded straight away though. They are very affectionate following me everywhere, my constant shadows. Typical pugs, they are both very stubborn and opinionated, very funny in their individual ways and always appreciate everything we do for them. Such happy souls, although old age is creeping up, 14 and 12 years respectively. Bo struggles with her back-end walking and Hetty is both partially sighted and deaf. The pair of them manage just fine.

They bring us daily delight and pleasure, even when they show their pug stubbornness! I’m sure you’ll understand!😉😅 We simply love them to bits! Thank you, Pug Rescue!”