One of our volunteers spotted Percy at a dog pound in Northern Ireland and saw he wasn’t doing very well, not just because he was in kennels, but he was also struggling with significant mobility issues. Our local Area Coordinator was contacted and although couldn’t find a suitable home for his level of care in the region, looked further afield in our network. We found a perfect match, while Percy was now very comfortable and enjoying his new pug friends at our Coordinators home. 💝💙

Sadly, Percy’s journey had to be delayed as it was soon discovered that he had the dreaded kennel cough! As he was highly infectious too, he passed it on to a few of his new friends despite them being vaccinated against it. There are so many different strains! 😣

This was followed by a bout of colitis before all symptoms subsided and he was fit to travel. We put a call out for anyone planning to go across on the ferry and a kind volunteer, John, came forward. He even managed to secure a dog friendly cabin for the sail over! John says Percy was the best co-pilot he ever had. 😉😊

Percy soon settled into his new home where he has an elderly collie companion and PDWRA will still support them with his healthcare needs especially his rear mobility issues, so he can continue to enjoy his best life ahead of him! 💖🐾