Pangpang’s Top Five Healthy Treats.

Pangpang, the UK’s best known pug, with over 500,000 followers, takes some time out to talk to us about his top five healthy pug treats…

“Like most pugs, I have the appetite of breeds twice my size! And to keep me in good shape and  protect my long-term health, my pawrents prefer to give me dog-friendly fruit and vegetables rather than processed treats. So, I wanted to tell you about some of my favourite post-zoomies healthy snacks that you can try with your pug!

  1. Blueberries

I’ve loved blueberries since the first time I tried them. You may have seen me on my socials running around the house and garden to get all the blueberries. I also like to chase them when Baba throws them so they serve as a delicious toy!

  1. Strawberries

A summer favourite, these help to keep me cool on hot days plus they’re good for me too! Baba chops them up for me as they can be a little big for a pug but definitely one I think your doggo would enjoy too!

  1. Banana

The only treat that makes me spin with excitement, banana has long been one of my favourite treats. Sometimes, I even have a smoothie made from banana and a couple of spoons of plain natural yoghurt.

Please note, ensure you avoid artificial flavours and sweeteners if trying this recipe at home, particularly xylitol which is dangerous for dogs.

  1. Cucumber

This one definitely divides the doggos, but I personally love cucumber! I’ve always been given it as a healthy treat and the best thing is that I can have it every day without gaining weight! It’s really important for pugs (and all dogs for that matter) to stay in their healthy weight range.

  1. Melon

This is a fairly new healthy treat for me but boy does it taste yummy! Baba is careful to remove all the seeds and cuts off the shell and bits I can’t eat, which can be a choking hazard. Then, I’m good to go! Definitely recommend having a try of watermelon and canteloupe.”

We’d like to give a huge thanks to Pangpang’s Dad Dan, for asking Pangpang to share his thoughts with us and if you’d like to keep up to date with Pangpang’s adventures, check out his links below to find out more –

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