Millie and Tia arrived five days before Sue’s Mum unexpectedly died, suddenly from a heart attack. She believes they rescued each other.

Sue writes:
“Millie is 10 and deaf … she came to Pug Rescue weighing over 12kg with ingrown toenails and rotten teeth. She is now around 9kg and is so much fitter. She has no teeth but manages fine and smells so much better! She was so puzzled when she discovered running and just loves life now.

Both pugs were fostered by Davina who was amazing and we would want to pay tribute to her for the start she gave them.

Tia is a great big sister to the lovely Tia (the vet has aged her at 8) who has so many issues including being blind and missing significant amounts of fur. Tia looks for reassurance from Millie and they snuggle together most of the day… Tia has also had teeth extracted and like Millie is so much more comfortable as a result. She visits a grooming parlour every three days to support her skin health and is an absolute favourite with staff … She loves to go and is pampered by all of them all.

They love their country walks but much prefer to be taken in the car before they start to walk after which you can’t stop them.

They are so loved and very much a part of our family.

Our sincere thanks to all who contributed to making their world that much better”.

And that includes their forever Mum, Sue, who is giving them the retirement they deserve.