In her past life Lucy had been used extensively for breeding. She was extremely underweight when she was surrendered to us late last year and we reported on her progress in the new year after some amazing care and attention by her fosterer Anne, overseeing her much needed medical treatment.

Lucy, was finally in good shape to go to her forever home!

This is a description of her happy ever after from her devoted dad, Chris. Lucy also has a new name, Molly!

“She arrived still underweight but had a great start with her fosterers. She was on 4 meals a day, so our other 2 also didn’t mind having 4 meals a day too! She must have had to fight for her food before she was handed over to the PDWRA, and was very guarding of her food, although she’s a lot better now.

She soon settled in with our other pugs, Arthur and Bunty who get on brilliantly with her.

She’s now 7.5kg, and on 3 meals a day and daily walks which she loves. Molly is great with other dogs and has made friends with other dogs in the village.

Arthur is 13 and can’t walk very well, so he has a buggy, Molly often jumps in if she gets tired or just wants to snuggle with Arthur (they adore each other).

Like any pug, she’s like Velcro and will follow me or my partner from room to room. She can easily climb the stairs, but has to be carried down as she’s unsure about that part! She also gets carried upstairs every night even though she can walk up, it’s just become her routine.

Molly often sleeps under the covers, loves to be warm, and I can’t imagine life without her.”

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