We’ve told the inspiring story of rescue pugs; Jelly, found on the streets, alone, and Bodhi, who was kept outdoors until we found their perfect home together, finding great comfort in each other. However, it doesn’t end there as their Mum works in a refuge for a domestic abuse service, and Jelly especially, contributes to the lives there too!

They both go to work with Mum and while Bodhi is less interested in other people, only his cuddle buddy Jelly, she does the rounds, hopping from lap to lap. Jelly joins in sessions with the children, keeping them company, enjoying sharing hugs, allowing them to stroke and cuddle her, when they are feeling anxious.🤗

Even more enjoyable for everyone at the refuge, is that another PDWRA adopter works there, taking Peggy and Dobby, seen here arriving by car – so the office is full of rescue pugs!

They are a big part of the human rescue team and the children that arrive are told about them in advance. They make pictures and tell their stories on the walls and they’re taught all about dog safety. Peggy and Dobby are fantastic little characters too. Peggy recently underwent BOAS surgery but in no time is back to herself, playing with everyone.

As both Mums, having such challenging work, they too take great comfort from their gorgeous pugs!

All four are living healthy and happy lives, as they should, hard to think of Jelly left on the streets, now worshipped by her family and priceless to them. 💖💝🐾