Beautiful Harlee was surrendered by an elderly owner who was unable to invest in what was required to train her. She did the right thing finding PDWRA to help and a home was found that was able and happy to spend the time that was needed.

There were challenges at first, Harlee’s new adoptive Mum found her very ‘barky’ at the beginning, which was stressful when she was constantly ‘shouting’ at her husband especially!😩 but by trying distraction techniques and knowing she was very food driven, wanting to please, she soon stopped and LOVES him now!!😉

Harlee’s Mum says, “She will still bark at strangers on walks occasionally, especially men. She also goes mad when the doorbell rings – a complete guard dog! 😂 or a typical pug?! She wasn’t housetrained at first, so was constantly toileting in the house, knowing no better, but with perseverance she’s now fully housetrained. She’s very bright so it was easy once she got the hang of it, with lots of praise & treats!!

Harlee’s totally gorgeous as you can see, and so loved as you can tell by her human siblings. She loves children and is sooooo good with them! I had three dogs growing up when I was young but never met one like her. She is a real member of our family🥰🥰 We love her very much and feel so blessed to have her.

So much thanks to our Area Co-ordinator from PDWRA especially, as she did so much to pair us up so perfectly. 🥰

Thank you PDWRA for all that you do” ❤️