Here’s Petey pug, having his first visit to the pumpkin patch in preparation for some Halloween fun!

You may be going to themed pug events or simply joining in the spirit of Halloween at home, so here are some tips to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time:

  • Keep all sweet treats and chocolate out of paws reach
  • There may be littered sweets or wrappers to look out for which are also a choking hazard
  • Walk them early before children may be out and about in numbers and in fancy dress which may scare them
  • Avoid dressing them in costumes that they’re uncomfortable with, or restricting
  • Keep any Halloween decorations out of harm’s way
  • Ensure any lit candles are well away from animals. Battery lit ones are hazardous too.
  • Create a cosy, quiet space away from potentially frequent doorbell ringing causing them extra stress!
  • You may wish to put a polite sign on your door for trick or treaters not to ring your doorbell if it frightens your dogs

For more detailed information, please see: 

Halloween dangers to dogs | Dog health | Kennel Club (


Some gorgeous pugs posted on our Facebook page:




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