It never ceases to amaze me as to how diverse the hobbies and occupations of PDWRA applicants are – everything from constructing shepherds huts, supplying articles for film sets, raising rare plants, to tinkering with vintage racing cars.

Steve, in his workshop in the wilds of the Sussex Downs, makes guitars.

He combines this hobby/business with fostering pugs for PDWRA. And he has the ideal set up – he’s home virtually all the time to keep an eye on the pugs.

There are beds set out in his workshop so they can have a snooze, or a wander round the garden as they choose. When it’s walkies time, he just opens the back gate to a footpath leading to a disused railway line, ideal walking terrain for pugs.

Steve and his wife Joanne first fostered a bonded pair of pugs, a mother and daughter combination, who earned the name “the bulldozers” for their considerable pulling power. They both fell in love with the pugs and Joanne went on to adopt them as a surprize for Steve. They already had 4 pugs (and a bichon frieze who thinks he’s a pug), who have various disabilities that require managing, but the girls just stole their hearts.

They are now fostering a young male pug surrendered in a very poor state and who is gradually being brought back to health. Despite the challenges this brings, he has thrown himself wholeheartedly into the fostering role, rewarded by seeing the changes to this unfortunate boy, brought about in a few short weeks with the right care.

People like Steve, who can combine their interests with volunteering for PDWRA are the backbone of the charity and our thanks go out to them.

By Jackie,
PDWRA VAC for Steve & Joanne.

If you could offer a caring, foster home to a pug in need, please apply at: Fostering | The Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (

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