Like many of our foster applicants, Paula had recently lost her beloved pug. At this time, she didn’t want to make a long-term commitment to another pug, but she did want to make a difference in a pug’s life.

After consulting with her family, Paula decided to take in Trixie, a 7-year-old pug who had nothing to her name when she arrived with PDWRA. No harness, no lead, no bed, or blanket! Fortunately, one of the PDWRA transporters made a generous donation to ensure that Trixie would have the essentials she needed upon arrival at Paula’s.

Typically, it takes a few days for a pug to feel comfortable in a new environment. However, Trixie took an immediate liking to Paula and follows her everywhere. Paula’s granddaughter, Carla has taken a liking to Trixie as well, and the two are inseparable. Although the family were initially worried about Trixie around Carla, it quickly became apparent that the two had a special bond, with only Carla being allowed to pet Trixie while she chews on her antler.

Trixie was struggling with a host of medical issues, including fleas, infections, and an urgent need for a bath. Caring for a pug with multiple health needs can be overwhelming, but with the help of her vet, Paula was able to nurse Trixie back to health.

In some cases, a full understanding of the pug’s background is not possible. As Paula experienced, fosterers need to be prepared for any eventuality. However, with a willingness to adapt to the needs of the pug and with the assistance of PDWRA, fostering can be a truly rewarding experience. It’s heart-wrenching to say goodbye as they move to their forever home, but knowing that you’ve made a difference in their lives is priceless.

When asked about her experience with first-time fostering for PDWRA, Paula had this to say: “Fantastic! It’s so rewarding to help out a pug in need. I couldn’t wish for a more loving companion.”


If you are able to foster, short or long-term, please see our fostering section, where you can apply also!
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