It’s that time of year again where potential hazards to our furry friends are brought into the home. As well as the festive greenery that may make your dog very ill, tempting foods which we may think are a treat for them can actually cause a great deal of harm.
Vets will treat 75% more cases of dogs eating foods that are poisonous to them in December so it’s important to be aware of what to avoid:


– Chocolate, boxes lying around, coins on the tree,
– Christmas cake, mince pies and Christmas pudding
– Foods containing grapes, raisins, sultanas & currants
– Traditional turkey, goose & chicken where bones can easily splinter
– Sage and onion stuffing, gravy, anything with onion, chives, garlic.
– Other foods, such as certain nuts, blue cheese, fatty and salty foods
– Alcohol


– If it snows, take care when using antifreeze. It tastes sweet so is tempting for dogs but can be lethal if ingested.
– Watch for dogs drinking out of puddles too as they may be tainted with antifreeze chemicals.
– Some snow globes contain ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) and if broken are a serious danger to your dogs.
– Salted roads & paths can also burn their paw pads.


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